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Office of Auxiliary CG-BSX-1

The Director of the Auxiliary is the direct representative of the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. (Title 14, USC Chapt. 23)

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed volunteer component of Team Coast Guard. Founded in 1939 by an Act of Congress as the US Coast Guard Reserves and re-designated the Auxiliary in 1941. The 30,000+ volunteer members (men and women) donate millions of hours in support of Coast Guard missions.

Items of Interest


1. On January 12, 2015, ALAUX 001/15 notified Auxiliarists of the potential disruption or loss of AUXINFO as early as later that month.

2. AUXINFO remains fully available and functional, as does the AUXDATA information system which provides the information to AUXINFO. AUXINFO is expected to remain in this status for at least the next six to twelve months.

3. AUXINFO status updates will be periodically provided. Thank you for your support and continued utilization of the Auxiliary administrative tools currently available.

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1. Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) recently announced a number of new assistance programs and an increase in the dollar amount for its Supplemental Education Grant.

2. CGMA is the Coast Guard's own financial relief organization, offering help to any in the Coast Guard community facing financial need. Last year, Auxiliarists received over $41,900 in assistance.

3. In addition to direct financial assistance for things like disaster relief, emergency travel, or temporary loss of income, CGMA offers free financial and budget counseling, as well as help with education costs. One of its education assistance programs, the Supplemental Education Grant (SEG), now offers up $350 per client per calendar year to reimburse the cost of textbooks and certain other college expenses.

4. Additionally, new assistance programs launched recently include:

a. A grant of up to $1,000 for home study expenses related to the legal adoption of a child, and a loan of up to $6,000 for general adoption expenses.

b. Need-based financial assistance in the form of an interest-free loan of up to $6,000 to help with the purchase and training of a service animal, such as those used in treatment or therapy for patients with autism, diabetes, epilepsy, PTSD and other conditions.

c. Need-based financial assistance in the form of an interest-free loan for emergency pet expenses.

5. A longstanding motto for CGMA has been, "We Look After our Own." Assistance funds come as voluntary donations from people like you who are part of the Coast Guard family. CGMA receives no federal funds. As Admiral Zukunft noted recently, "CGMA works because it allows all of us to pull together...." Without a steady infusion of donated funds, CGMA would be unable to continue performing its vital role within the Coast Guard community.

6. CGMA works when we work together! Soon, a letter will be mailed to each Auxiliary household with an invitation to participate in an annual fundraising campaign. All are encouraged to consider a donation to sustain the work of CGMA.

7. To learn more about the SEG and other assistance available through CGMA, or to make a secure credit card donation, visit CGMA online at or call (800) 881-2462.

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1. Due to the software application AUXINFO's lifecycle age, vendor supportability, and ever increasing threshold cyber security requirements, AUXINFO's utilization ( is in jeopardy of being discontinued. An important test of the application is planned for late January, 2015. Depending upon the test results, an outright suspension, termination, or otherwise unavailability of AUXINFO may ensue.

2. This test will not impact other Auxiliary information systems, including Auxiliary Directory, AUXDATA and sub-elements like Auxiliary order management functions. The Chief Director's Office (CG-BSX) and the National Executive Committee (NEXCOM) are diligently working with other Coast Guard Headquarters program managers to minimize AUXINFO access disruption and identify a long term solution.

3. To mitigate the negative administrative consequences of potentially losing AUXINFO availability in late January, the downloading of needed data like annual awards, quarterly reports, and other business processes that are generated through AUXINFO is strongly recommended.

4. AUXINFO status updates will be periodically provided. Thank you for your support and continued utilization of the Auxiliary administrative tools currently available.
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1. ALCGPSC 171/14 is an All-Coast Guard Personnel Service Center message that was recently released to summarize and announce the results of Coast Guard Uniform Board #46. The message can be viewed at the following web site:

2. Though targeting active duty and reserve personnel, most of the message's sections are also applicable with respect to Auxiliary uniform policies. The following notes explain how the sections in the message are applicable to Auxiliary uniform policies:

1.A. Wear Foul Weather Parka (FWP) II with Service Dress Blue Uniform: The FWP II (with or without the liner) is authorized for wear with the Operational Dress Uniform (ODU), Tropical Blue (TB), Winter Dress Blue (WDB), and Service Dress Blue (SDB). The trench coat remains an optional item that may be worn with the SDB and other uniforms. However, the FWP II provides superior weather protection.

1.B. Wear Garrison Cap with Service Dress Blue Uniform: Applicable as written except Auxiliary unit commanders may prescribe when the combination cap is required for Auxiliary functions (e.g., for a Change of Watch ceremony).

1.C. Expand Wear of Optional Unit Ball Cap: Applicable as written for Auxiliarists who are authorized by a CG unit to wear its ball cap.

1.D. Food Service Uniform: Applicable as written.

1.E. Sunglasses: Applicable as written.

1.F. Wrist Watches: Applicable as written.

1.G. Tie Tacks: Auxiliarists may wear the replicas of other U.S. Military service miniature officer, senior enlisted, junior enlisted or other associated service insignia that they have earned. Replicas of other U.S. military school insignia or elements thereof are authorized (e.g., U.S. Naval Academy). Auxiliarists may only wear replicas of insignia that they have earned while in that U.S. military service. Other tie tack specifications apply.

1.H. Female Handbags: Applicable as written.

1.I. Female Hosiery Requirements: Applicable as written.

1.J. Wear of Small Unadorned Scrunchies: Applicable as written.

1.K. Female Shirt Seabag Options: Not applicable as Auxiliarists do not have seabag requirements. Female Auxiliarists remain authorized to wear either male or female uniform shirts that provide the best fit.

1.L. Aiguillettes: Not applicable as only Auxiliary District Chiefs of Staff, and aides to the National Commodore and District Commodores, are authorized to wear an aiguillette.

1.M. Prior Service Insignia: Not applicable as Auxiliarists are already authorized to wear specified prior U.S. military service insignia that they have earned.

3. Applicable adjustments will be incorporated in the next change to the Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1 (series).

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