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Office of Auxiliary CG-BSX-1

Basic Guidance and Clarification - New Members


From Steve Minutolo, G-PCX-1, Chief, Administration and Policy

  1. Auxiliary Courses and Test Administration: 

a.      Prospective members are authorized to take any and all Auxiliary courses. This includes specialty and Navrules exams.  Flotillas may provide essential course materials to prospective members in order to facilitate learning as they would for an IQ or BQ Auxiliarist.

2.      Training and Qualifications:

a.      Prospective members may train in any program similar to an IQ or BQ Auxiliarist to include attending workshops and having an assigned mentor.  Limitations described below apply.

(1)     successfully conduct five VSCs as a VE trainee.

3.       AUXDATA Entries:
a.      AUXDATA entries may be made as they occur for a prospective member's successful course completion as well as for successful completion of other distinct steps that must be completed in order to earn qualification in certain program disciplines, specifically, but not limited to:

(1)     successfully conducting five VSCs as a VE trainee.

4.       Uniforms, Awards and Ceremonies:

a.      Authority to obtain or wear Auxiliary uniform items or associated insignia as described in the Auxiliary Manual are concerns that remain under assessment by Auxiliary program leadership.  Until a final determination is issued, prospective members are not authorized to obtain or wear such items.

5.       Organizational Assignments and Authorities:

a.      Prospective members should be strongly encouraged to attend meetings and fellowship events to learn about Auxiliary orgrnization, policies, procedures and programs.

6.      ID Cards and EMPLIDs:
a.      Prospective members may be issued EMPLIDs.


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Last Modified 12/21/2016