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Office of Auxiliary CG-BSX-1

Security Check Process

Updated 1 January 2011

Security Policy Directives and Announcements

The Chief Director is providing the following links to information in order to provide you with additional information concerning the Security Policy Directives,Announcements and Forms. You may download and print out any of the forms for review. However, it may be 2 years before your DIRAUX asks you to submit the SF86 form. You should not sign them, date them, nor send them to anyone until your DIRAUX promulgates procedures for your district and you are asked to submit them. When asked to submit the SF 86 form, you need to review the information you may have prepared in advance to make sure it is still current and within the guidelines of the SF 86 form requirements as to time periods.

Please make sure your system has at least ADOBE ACROBAT Version 5.x
Description Date Issued
Definitions; Personnel Security Investigations (PSI)
23 FEB 04
Security Forms
1 JUN 06
Revised Policies For Auxiliarists In Approval Pending (AP) Status 7 AUG 07
Basic Guidance and Clarification - New Members
23 Nov 04
23 APR 04
29 SEP 05
ALCOAST 550/03 Supplemental Information
20 Dec 03

Adjudicative Guidelines For Determining Eligibility For Access To Classified Information

DEC 2005
ALCOAST 550/03 Coast Guard Auxiliary Personnel Security
18 Dec 03
Chief Director's/National Commodore's Announcement Letter           
03 Dec 03
Non-Disclosure Agreement Form (pdf) - (This form is for SF-86 reviewers only.)
13 JAN 04
G-PCX mandate for Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) (unavailabe currently
11 JAN  04
The Auxiliary Fingerprint Technician course is being updated.  The current version remains available on the Auxiliary Training Department web site.
01 Sep 08
Military Personal Security Program per AUXMAN (Not currently available)
04 SEP 01
Security Checks - PowerPoint Presentation. (Not currently available)
It is recommended you right-click on the link and download the PowerPoint for local viewing.

Security Checks - Flash Presentation.
For on-line viewing

11 JAN 04

 Security Agreement Check (SAC) - PDF Form Fixed 30 JUN 04
Form: OFI Form 86C

You must read these INSTRUCTIONS

17 MAR 04
Prior/Current Federal Clearance Info Cover Sheet
07 JUN 06
SF86 National Security Questionaire
JUL 08
SF86 Continuation Sheets
JUL 08
SF86 Guide to Terminology (Not Currently Available)
SEP 96
Authorization for Release of Information (Form 85)
17 MAR 04
DHS Form 11000-9 (was DOT 1631) Disclosure and Authorization Pertaining to Consumer Reports Pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act
Verification of US Citizenship
12 NOV 04
New DIRAUX to SECCEN checklist (2014)
01 OCT 14
Information and Resources
COMDTINST 5520.12B Military Personnel Security Program has been modified to 5520.12C which is NOT internet releasable at this time.



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