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Office of Auxiliary CG-BSX-1

The Director of the Auxiliary is the direct representative of the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. (Title 14, USC Chapt. 23)

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed volunteer component of Team Coast Guard. Founded in 1939 by an Act of Congress as the US Coast Guard Reserves and re-designated the Auxiliary in 1941. The 30,000+ volunteer members (men and women) donate millions of hours in support of Coast Guard missions.

Items of Interest

  Thanksgiving Message

To the Men and Women of Our Coast Guard Auxiliary,

Please allow me to extend ADM Papp's Thanksgiving message, along with my humble appreciation for your tireless efforts in service to our organization and nation. Each day I see examples of the work you do to promote recreational boating safety and support to the Coast Guard. Your contribution does not go unnoticed.

On behalf of the entire Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety, THANK YOU for all that you do. I look forward to entering the 75th year of the Auxiliary's service with all of you.

CAPT F. Thomas Boross
Chief, Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety


UNCLAS //N01000//
ALCOAST 507/13

1. Shipmates, this week we are attending the Assembly of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London. The Assembly, which meets every two years, is IMOs highest governing body, and all 170 member nations are invited to attend. Yesterday, as head of the United States delegation, I had the privilege of speaking for our nation on the importance of maritime governance (safety, security, stewardship), the work our Coast Guard does every day.

2. Over the past year, we have met with coast guards and small navies from around the world, global leaders in maritime industry, and students at the IMO World Maritime University. The United States Coast Guard is universally respected and the model of a maritime governance force for the rest of the world to emulate.

3. That would not be possible without the devoted efforts of our entire Coast Guard. Over the past year, we have confronted not only significant mission challenges in an inherently dangerous maritime domain, but also the persistent pressure of the current Federal budget realities. While addressing hurricanes, oil spills, marine casualties and transnational organized crime, we have also faced the impacts of budget reductions, sequestration, and a temporary government shut down.

4. Through it all you have remained steadfast in your devotion to duty and service to the Nation. Words alone cannot adequately express my appreciation the leadership and commitment of our Coast Guard men and women. Unfortunately, our civilian workforce has borne the brunt of many of these budget impacts, and our civilian shipmates often do not receive the public recognition for the critical work that they perform every day. We are inspired and humbled by the dedicated service of our civilian personnel. Each deserves our sincere thanks.

5. Although Linda and I are away from home and our family during our favorite holiday, we will have a proper Thanksgiving dinner with members of our Coast Guard Family who are here with us. Linda and I thank you all for your friendship, hard work, and commitment to our Coast Guard. Wherever you might be celebrating, have a Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe.

6. Stand a taut watch. Semper Paratus.

7. Admiral and Mrs. Papp send.

8. Internet release authorized.
Posted by Webmaster at 10:32:01 AM on 27 Nov 2013



1. The Coast Guard Headquarters Prevention Policy Directorate (CG-5P) will relocate from the Coast Guard Headquarters Transpoint Building to the new Coast Guard Headquarters complex on the St. Elizabeths campus this weekend, September 6-8, 2013. The Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety (CG-BSX) will be secured during this entire period, including its capacity for office telephone and email transactions.

2. Upon completion of this transfer, office telephone and email contact information will remain the same for CG-BSX personnel. The following new address must be used for mail bound to the CG-BSX office:

Commandant (CG-BSX) ATTN: Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety U.S. Coast Guard STOP 7501 2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE Washington DC 20593-7501

3. Please bear in mind that all mail (including express mail) bound for the CG-BSX office will still undergo routing and screening through the Department of Homeland Security's Consolidated Remote Delivery Site (CRDS). This process normally adds about 2-4 days to normal delivery times.
Posted by Webmaster at 3:13:34 PM on 4 Sep 2013


UNCLAS //N01650//
ALCOAST 342/13


1. I am pleased to announce the selection of Mr. Chris W. Bandy of Flotilla 28-1 in the Ninth District, Central Auxiliary Region, as the 2012 Auxiliarist of the Year.

2. Mr. Bandy enrolled in the Auxiliary in June 2010 and quickly earned the reputation as an enthusiastic volunteer, subject matter expert, and Paddle Smart Program manager in the Apostle Island National Lakeshore area of Lake Superior. The Paddle Smart Program was launched in 2011 to curb the rising number of kayaking fatalities. It was significantly promoted and championed by Mr. Bandy who devoted over 700 hours working alongside the National Park Service, the U.S. Coast Guard, and local kayak outfitters to increase kayaking safety awareness. He coordinated underway professional exchanges with National Park Service units, and executed an exceptional kayak search and rescue exercise that involved several federal and local response agencies along with nearly all local kayak organizations. Mr. Bandy personally distributed over 700 kayak emergency contact decals and spearheaded public education and outreach to over 3,000 kayaking enthusiasts in the region. His dedication and commitment to strengthening partnerships and advancing kayak safety were instrumental to the prevention of kayaking fatalities and the lowest number of Coast Guard paddle sport-related search and rescue cases within the Apostle Island National Lakeshore area in more than four years.

3. Mr. Bandy quickly qualified in several Auxiliary program disciplines including boat crew member for the Coast Guard Station Bayfield 25-foot RBS Defender, Auxiliary public education instructor, and Auxiliary vessel examiner. He selflessly devoted over 1,300 hours of Auxiliary service to the advancement of recreational boating safety and the professional development of others. During his Auxiliary tenure, Mr. Bandy was awarded the Auxiliary Achievement Medal, two Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendations, and the Sustained Auxiliary Service Award.

4. I applaud Mr. Bandys exemplary performance and spirit of service. He will be formally recognized as the 2012 Auxiliarist of the Year at the Auxiliary National Conference in San Diego, CA on 24 Aug 2013.

5. The following Auxiliarists were finalists for selection and are congratulated for their outstanding performance and achievement:
a. Mr. Stephen Wagner, Flotilla 11-02 in the First District (Northern Auxiliary Region).
B. Mr. Jason Snelling, Flotilla 01-18 in the Fourteenth District.

6. RDML Joseph A. Servidio, Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy, sends.

7. Internet release authorized.
Posted by Webmaster at 8:42:53 AM on 25 Aug 2013


1. Effective September 1, 2013, Auxiliarists who are selected and meet criteria in accordance with the following provisions are authorized to deliver Initial and Five Year currency maintenance Team Coordination Training (TCT) to other Auxiliarists. Auxiliary TCT Facilitators for active duty crews shall continue to be trained and qualified through the legacy process, and they must undergo this selection process in order to deliver TCT to other Auxiliarists. Additionally, new Initial and Five Year Currency Maintenance TCT Workshops are intended to be delivered in half-day sessions, respectively. They have been developed to encourage greater participation in the training process and to better utilize experienced Auxiliarists in their presentation.

a. TCT Facilitator Selection Process:

(1) An Auxiliarist must be nominated by his/her Flotilla Commander (FC) or Division Commander (DCDR) and then be approved through the Auxiliary chain of leadership to the cognizant District Captain (DCAPT) or District Directorate Chief (DDC), with an info copy to the District Commodore (DCO).

(2) A nominee approved by the DCAPT or DDC shall be submitted to the Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) for selection and designation as a TCT Facilitator.

(3) A nominee must possess either of the following qualifications:

(a) Certified Instructor and certified Coxswain, or certified Instructor and non-current Coxswain who has logged at least 250 Coxswain hours in AUXDATA; or

(b) Certified Instructor and either certified First Pilot or Aircraft Commander, or certified Instructor and non-current First Pilot or Aircraft Commander who has logged at least 150 Pilot hours in AUXDATA.

b. Nominees shall be selected based on proven excellence in these fields and their ability to communicate effectively. Initial designation as a TCT Facilitator will be for three years, after which he/she must be re-designated by the Director. TCT Facilitators shall be reevaluated based on their performance or participation during this period.

c. These TCT Facilitators shall be labeled in AUXDATA as "TCTAUX" (TCT Facilitators who receive their designation via completion of Coast Guard training shall maintain the label of "TCTFAC" in AUXDATA). TCT Facilitators who are not re-designated at the conclusion of their three year period will be placed in REYR status in AUXDATA. Failure to be re-designated by the DIRAUX during the next five consecutive years in REYR status shall result in complete loss of this designation. The only way for a TCT Facilitator to again perform such activity will be to undergo the entire selection process.

d. The DIRAUX shall have sole authority to designate or remove these TCT Facilitators.

e. The following resource materials will be available on the Auxiliary Response Directorate website (

(1) TCT Slide Presentation
(2) TCT Facilitator Guide
(3) TCT Participant Guide

2. These provisions shall be memorialized in future changes to the Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual and Coast Guard Auxiliary Operations Policy Manual. Questions are encouraged to be forwarded up the appropriate Auxiliary chain of leadership.
Posted by Webmaster at 5:44:31 PM on 8 Aug 2013

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