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Naming Board Requests                       

National Security Cutter Bertholf underwayThe Coast Guard Commandant has appointed a standing board to make recommendations for cutter names and to review nominations for facility names. Chaired by the Chief, Office of Public Affairs, the board also includes representatives from Commandant (CG-00B), (CG-005), (CG-7), (CG-4), (CG-09224) and (CG-09223).

District commanders and commanding officers of headquarters units submit nominations to Commandant at least six months prior to the expected dedication date.

Appropriate names for cutters and facilities adhere to established practices, as listed below:

Cutters 65 feet and longer are named for:

Buildings are named for deceased individuals with historical importance to the Coast Guard:

Outdoor facilities will be named for:

Unit and/or installation commanders have been delegated the authority to name roads, streets, avenues, and drives.

For more information contact Ms.  Deborah Claiborne at (202) 372-4620.


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Last Modified 1/12/2016