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Acquisition Update: NAIS Increment 1 Granted Three-Year Authority to Operate

Aug. 22, 2008

On Aug. 21, the Assistant Commandant for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information Technology (CG-6) granted a three year authority to operate the Nationwide Automatic Identification System (NAIS). Prior to earning this authority, the project office was required to demonstrate the integrity and security of NAIS Increment 1.

This authorization is a significant step forward for the NAIS Project, which already has delivered real-time AIS receiving capability to 55 of the nation’s crucial ports, and nine coastal areas.

AIS, an international standards-based technology and automated method of maritime data exchange, allows the Coast Guard to improve the United States’ port and coastal security by automatically monitoring information about marine vessels operating in or bound for waters of the United States.

NAIS supports the Coast Guard’s and other agencies’ requirements to improve maritime domain awareness by adding information to the national maritime Common Operating Picture (COP), which is a dynamic, virtual-reality representation of activity and conditions throughout the marine environment.

The Coast Guard worked closely with the Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Sea Logistics Center to implement NAIS Increment 1, which used technology already in place at major U.S. ports and installed additional AIS receivers along the nation’s coastline and Great Lakes region. AIS equipment is required domestically and internationally aboard thousands of vessels.

NAIS Increment 2 will be implemented over two phases, establishing AIS transmit and receive capability nationwide. Increment 3 will provide long-range AIS receive capability, out to 2,000 nautical miles from shore.

For more information: Nationwide Automatic Identification System project page

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