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Acquisition Update: CGC Resolute Returns to Service; Marks Milestone in MEP Project

Dec. 9, 2008

CGC Resolute Returns to Service

On Nov. 21, 2008 at 8:30 a.m. the Coast Guard Cutter Resolute got underway from the Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore. “It is not her maiden voyage, but it is almost as if she has been reborn,” said CDR Nathan Moore, commanding officer of the Resolute.

The departure marks the completion of work on the USCGC Resolute (WMEC 210) under the Mission Effectiveness Project (MEP), the purpose of which is to maintain mission effectiveness by replacing obsolete and increasingly unsupportable systems. This will result in improved reliability and reduced future maintenance costs.

MEP’s major systems refurbishments involve, but are not limited to, hull plating; renewing decks, living quarters and engineering systems; and replacing tanks, piping, and electrical wiring. The program also addresses equipment more troublesome to maintain, such as refrigeration units, air conditioning, evaporators, and boat davits to help improve operational readiness and quality of life for cutters crew members.

The Medium Endurance Cutter MEP, under which the USCGC Resolute was successfully serviced on time and within budget, ensures that the Coast Guard's 14 Reliance-class (210’) cutters and 13 Famous-class cutters remain operationally reliable until replacement by the Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC). The first 210-foot cutter entered service in the mid 1960s. Not only does this event mark a milestone for the Resolute, but for the Medium Endurance Cutter MEP as a whole. The Resolute is the 7th of the 14 Reliance-class cutters to complete MEP. This event marks the half-way point towards the completion of the Coast Guard’s program to ensure the reliability of these 210-foot Reliance‐class cutters, a line which has been serving the nation for almost 50 years. The last of these 210-foot cutters is planned to complete MEP by November 2010.

“The Medium Endurance Cutter Mission Effectiveness Program has, and will continue to effectively ensure that Coast Guard Cutters are able to continue to perform their missions well,” said Ken King, MEP project manager.

“We will get the job done -- The American people expect and deserve no less,” says the Mission Statement of the USCGC Resolute, “We will always be ready -- You and the ship will be fully prepared and equipped to excel at all tasks.”

For more information: In-Service Vessel Sustainment program page

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