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Acquisition Update: Coast Guard Unveils Names of FRCs 16-25

Feb. 27, 2014

FRC Heroes
The Coast Guard announced the names of ten Sentinel-class Fast Response Cutters, each honoring an enlisted Coast Guard hero who distinguished him or herself in the line of duty. U.S. Coast Guard photos.

The Coast Guard recently announced the names of 10 Sentinel-Class Fast Response Cutters (WPCs 1116-1125) through a series of posts on its official blog, the Coast Guard Compass. Like the first 15 ships in the class, each ship will honor a Coast Guard enlisted hero.

The selected namesakes include recipients of the Silver Star, the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, the Coast Guard Medal, the Bronze Star, and the Gold Lifesaving Medal. Several heroes of the U.S. Lifesaving Service are honored for their actions prior to the formation of the current U.S. Coast Guard, two heroes are recognized for valor during service in World War II and two others for service in Vietnam. Two namesakes died in the course of their duties and were recognized for their actions posthumously.

The ten namesakes and cutter names are listed below (links lead to biographical sketches of each):

Winslow W. Griesser - (WPC 1116 – USCGC Winslow Griesser)
Recipient of the Gold Lifesaving Medal for heroic actions to rescue the crewmembers of two large scows that had broken loose from their moorings in Buffalo, N.Y., in 1900. Link

Richard H. Patterson – (WPC 1117 – USCGC Richard Patterson)
Awarded the Bronze Star with combat “V” device for actions to take command of the Cutter Point Welcome and maintain the safety of the crew while under attack from North Vietnamese forces in 1966. Link

Joseph Tezanos – (WPC 1118 – USCGC Joseph Tezanos)
Awarded the Navy and Marine Corps medal for distinguished heroism while leading the rescue of more than 40 injured servicemembers following the explosion of a Navy LST in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1944. Link

Rollin A. Fritch – (WPC 1119 – USCGC Rollin Fritch)
Posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his selfless and heroic action to remain on station in defense of his ship and crewmembers while under heavy enemy fire during an attack on transport ship USS Callaway off the coast of Luzon, Philippines in 1945. Link

Lawrence O. Lawson – (WPC 1120 – USCGC Lawrence Lawson)
Recipient of the Gold Lifesaving Medal for his leadership of a successful rescue of 18 members of the steam vessel Calumet that became distressed in icy conditions off Evanston, Ill., on Thanksgiving Day 1889. Link

John F. McCormick – (WPC 1121 – USCGC John McCormick)
Awarded the Gold Lifesaving Medal in 1938 for his exceptional skill in maintaining control of the 52-foot motor lifeboat Triumph while responding to a vessel in need near the Columbia River Bar under treacherous conditions, allowing the crew to recover a crewmember that had been washed overseas. Link

Bailey T. Barco – (WPC 1122 – USCGC Bailey Barco)
Recipient of the Gold Lifesaving Medal for his heroic and selfless action to rescue the crew of a schooner that had been grounded during a severe winter storm off the coast of Virginia Beach, Va. in 1900. Link

Benjamin B. Dailey (WPC 1123 – USCGC Benjamin Dailey)
Awarded the Gold Lifesaving Medal for his actions to rescue nine men from a foundering ship off the Outer Banks in 1885.  Link

Donald H. Horsley - (WPC 1124 – USCGC Donald Horsley)
Recipient of the Bronze Star with combat “V” device for his leadership of Division 13 of Coast Guard Squadron One, which was tasked with interdicting reinforcement and re-supply shipments for North Vietnamese forces during the Vietnam War. Link

Jacob L. A. Poroo – (WPC 1125 – USCGC Jacob Poroo)
Posthumously awarded the Coast Guard Medal after suffering fatal burns received during his efforts to attempt a rescue and respond to a building fire at the LORAN station in Adak, Alaska in 1968. Link

Seven FRCs are currently performing operations in Miami and Key West, Fla., and the eighth cutter will be commissioned into service in March 2014. The FRCs named after the above list of Coast Guard heroes will be delivered to San Juan, Puerto Rico (WPCs 1116-1118), Pascagoula, Miss. (WPCs 1119-1120), and Ketchikan, Alaska (WPCs 1121-1122). Homeports for WPCs 1123-1125 will be named at a later date. All of the newly-named cutters are scheduled to be delivered to the Coast Guard by 2017.

For more information: Fast Response Cutter project page


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