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The Coast Guard marked a major milestone July 13, 2007 with the establishment of a new, consolidated Acquisition Directorate (CG-9). The new organization had begun to take shape in 2006, when then-Commandant Adm. Thad Allen directed the establishment of CG-9 as one of his 10 visionary transformation initiatives for the Coast Guard.

Under the new organization, programs from the legacy Coast Guard acquisition directorate and the Integrated Deepwater System program were brought together under a single executive authority. The new directorate also brought together the Office of Procurement Management; the Office of Research, Development and Technical Management; the Research and Development Center; and the Head of Contracting Activity. Together, these offices helped to establish the foundation for a full-service acquisition and procurement management organization.

Acquisition Successes

Today, the Acquisition Directorate manages an investment portfolio worth approximately $30 billion. Several of the service’s recapitalization projects already have provided significant value to the Coast Guard. Some of the directorate’s successes include:


In the 1990s, the Coast Guard needed to replace and improve the condition of its aging assets and infrastructure. After becoming part of the Department of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard had an even greater need to modernize its equipment to meet post-9/11 mission requirements for maritime national security, law enforcement, public safety, and natural resource stewardship.

In 2002, having decided on a holistic, rather than piece-meal approach to modernization, the Coast Guard awarded industry a contract for what became known as the Integrated Deepwater System program. Deepwater included projects for 91 new cutters, 195 upgraded and new aircraft, improved command, control and communications equipment, and integrated logistics capabilities.

When the Deepwater contract was awarded in 2002, the projects were managed by the private sector, under the Integrated Coast Guard Systems consortium. In order to more directly control requirements, cost, schedule and technical performance, the Coast Guard in 2007 began to re-assert its role as lead systems integrator, bringing the Deepwater projects into the portfolio managed by the consolidated Acquisition Directorate.

Today, the Deepwater projects are part of a broad recapitalization effort, managed by CG-9, which is providing Coast Guard men and women with new mission capabilities to meet the operational challenges of the 21st century.

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