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Health, Safety & Work-Life Directorate

Office of Work-Life: Work-Life Field OfficesWork Life logo

Service delivery of Work-Life Programs is accomplished by 13 field Work-Life staffs assigned to Health, Safety, and Work-Life Regional Practices (HSWL RP) Coast Guard-wide. These Work-Life specialists administer their respective programs in accordance with Commandant (CG-111) policy and other such directives that may be issued by competent authority. They coordinate a myriad of program elements as specified in these policies, including training, mandatory reporting, marketing, measuring and evaluation, networking with local care providers, education and outreach.

Work-Life Field staffs are located at HSWL RP's in Alameda, Boston, Cleveland, Honolulu, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Miami, New Orleans, Portsmouth, San Pedro, Seattle, St. Louis, and Washington, DC.

Work-Life Staff Contact List

The Work-Life Staff Roster provides contact information to all members.

To access the web site for your Work-Life Field Staff, click on the appropriate link below:

HSWL RP Alameda
HSWL RP Boston
HSWL RP Cleveland
HSWL RP Cape May
HSWL RP Honolulu
HSWL RP Ketchikan
HSWL RP Kodiak
HSWL RP New Orleans
HSWL RP Portsmouth
HSWL RP LA/Long Beach
HSWL RP Seattle
HSWL RP St. Louis
HSWL RP Washington, DC

Work-Life Field Offices

To contact the Work-Life staff closest to you, call 1-800-872-4957 followed by the extension listed next to the following ISC locations:
Alameda (252) Ketchikan (317) Portsmouth (305)
Boston (301) or
(dial direct to 617-223-3485)
Kodiak (563) San Pedro (311)
Cleveland (309) Miami (307) Seattle (313)
Honolulu (314) New Orleans (308) St. Louis (302)
Washington, DC (932)

Child Development Centers

Contact information for the Coast Guard Child Development Centers

Family Resource Specialists

Contact information for Coast Guard Family Resource Specialists (FRS)

Regional Ombudsman Coordinators and HSWL Regional Practices

Contact information for Coast Guard Ombudsman

Health Promotion Managers

Contact information for Coast Guard Health Promotion Managers (HPM).
Location Name Phone E-Mail
CG-1111 Behavioral Health Services CAPT Matt Kleiman 202-475-5155
HP Program Manager Tim Merrell 202-475-5146
Mid-Atlantic HQ Vacant 202-372-4085  
Cape May
Steven Harrell 609-898-6886
Yvette Lillge 617-223-3244
HSWL RP Portsmouth Vacant 252-331-6000,
X 3038
HSWL RP Portsmouth Leisha Ferguson 757-686-4093
HSWL RP Miami Melissa Ross 305-278-6664
HSWL RP Miami Vacant 305-278-6672  
New Orleans
Brad Welch 504-253-4707
HSWL RP Cleveland Dwayne Lofton 216-902-6354
St. Louis
Dean Gingerich 314-269-2347
LA/Long Beach
Cynthia Castellon 310-521-6131
Vacant 510-437-3186  
Barbara Herry 206-217-6614
HSWL RP Kodiak Tommy Davis 907-487-5525,
X 273
HSWL RP Honolulu Jessica Dung 808-842-2088
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