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Female Special Order Form UDC Stockbook with prices

The Web Store is temporarily suspended for maintenance.

The UDC iStore is temporarily suspended for maintenance in order to implement upgraded security features such as strong authentication for passwords and SSL encryption to better protect financial and personal information.  The UDC is working with CGCYBER to upgrade these security features on the website and restore service as soon as possible.

Orders may still be placed via phone at 800-874-6841, via email, via fax, or by walk in at the Woodbine location M-F from 0800-1500 and the Cape May location on Thursdays from 0800-1500.  The Uniform Clothing Locker at the CG Academy as well as our CG Exchanges throughout the country also stand by to assist members in obtaining uniform items in a timely manner. For more information on how to place orders, please click on "Placing Orders" above.

PHS/NOAA ODU Availability

The UDC is out of several PHS/NOAA ODU coat and trouser sizes (listed below).  This is due to an exceptionally high demand for those getting deployed around the world.  There have been multiple vendor production problems this year but the uniforms are currently in production and are arriving by size, starting with all core sizes. Thank you for your patience while we strive to resolve the matter.

PHS/NOAA Coats In-Stock (Odd = Female Sizing, Even = Male Sizing):

31R, 31S, 32L, 32R, 32S, 32XS, 33L, 33R, 33S, 34L, 34R, 34S, 34XL, 34XS, 34XXS, 35L, 35S, 36S, 36XL, 36XXS, 37S, 38R, 38S, 38XL, 38XS, 38XXS, 39L, 39XL, 40L, 40XL, 40XS, 40XXL, 40XXS, 41S, 42XL, 42XXL, 43L, 43R, 43S, 43XL, 44L, 44R, 44S, 44XL, 44XS, 44XXL, 45L, 45R, 45XL, 46L, 46S, 46XL, 47L, 48L, 48R, 48S, 48XL, 50L, 50R, 50XL, 50XXL, 52L, 52R, 52XL, 52XXL, 54L, 56L

PHS/NOAA Trousers In-Stock:


Uniform Board #46


Submission approval and disapproval results

Link to order unit ball caps from the CGX

Wash & Wear trousers and slacks

Click here for Wear Policy and Care Instructions

ODU Maternity Coat & Trousers

Redesigned to offer greater comfort and flexibility in the belly panel (trousers) and sleeves (coat). The new tops and bottoms follow a new sizing convention. ODU Maternity Size Conversion Chart. Shirt:  Sleeve updated to look like ODU Sleeve with Tabs and buttons, and elbow patches, Breast Pockets with Pocket Flaps, and Coast Guard Embroidered Emblem. Trousers: Cargo Pockets with Coast Guard Emblem on Pocket Flap, Drawstring/Elastic Waistband, and Knee Patches.

Coast Guard Physical Fitness Shoe

Created by New Balance, this shoe is available for purchase by contacting the UDC at 800-874-6841 (toll-free) or commercial: 609-861-1221 using product code RSM (running shoe male) or RSF (running shoe female). Make sure to look up your size before calling by visiting

Tall Male Long & Short Sleeve Light Blue Shirts

The tail of the shirt is 3" longer to accommodate our taller service members.  The shirt can be obtained by contacting our Customer Service Reps or via the i-Store using product code TLS (Long Sleeve, size 15 1/2 x 31 through 18 x 38) and TSS (Short Sleeve, size 15 1/2 through 18).

Full length Bridge Coat

The Uniform Distribution Center does not stock the full length Bridge Coat. The coat can be obtained by contacting Accent Uniforms Inc (610) 874-4871 or the Academy Clothing Store (860) 444-8314.

Dress White and Dinner Dress Uniforms

The following uniforms and accessories are sold by the Navy Exchange or by calling 1-800-NAV-EXCH (1-800-628-3924).  Insignia may also be available at Vanguard Industries.

Please note: The Web sites listed above are not federal government Web sites, and may not necessarily operate under the same laws, regulations, and policies as federal Web sites.

  • Dinner Dress Blue
  • Dinner Dress Blue Jacket
  • Formal Dress Blue
  • Dinner Dress White
  • Dinner Dress White Jacket
  • Full Dress White
  • Service Dress White

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