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USCG Uniform Distribution Center, Woodbine, NJ
UDC Phone Listing

UDC Background Info

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The UDC is the primary source for all Coast Guard uniforms.

The primary mission of the Uniform Distribution Center is to supply sea bag uniform items to all recruits. We also service the Coast Guard Academy, clothing lockers, reservists, NOAA, Public Health, and Auxiliary with standard sea bag and optional uniform items.  UDC also supplies all members of the Coast Guard based abroad.

UDC opened its doors at Cape May in 1988 as a central ordering facility for shipping and receiving of Coast Guard uniform items. Prior to that time, Cape May was a clothing locker much like others currently in the Coast Guard. As the need for uniform items continued to grow, Cape May's facility quickly became too small for such a large operation. In 1997, the UDC moved the majority of its operations to Woodbine, 23 miles north of Cape May in South central New Jersey.

The UDC in Woodbine currently leases its warehouse spaces along with office spaces. All together, UDC Woodbine utilizes approximately 41,000 square feet.  Meanwhile, UDC Cape May uses approximately two-thirds of the Dempsey Hall building, dedicated solely for new recruits uniform issue.  Although the UDC is physically located in both Woodbine and Cape May, it is considered one command.

The UDC employs approximately 29 members, including two Coast Guard officers:  UDC Manager (Lieutenant), one Chief Warrant Officer and 27 civilian employees ranging from WG-5 to GS-12. Woodbine, being the larger facility, has 21 members while Cape May has 6 members. The UDC is more labor intensive than most would believe; it has six personnel that are responsible for boxing up and sending out orders to customers Coast Guard wide. There are three Customer Service Representatives taking all telephone orders for all active duty, reservists, and auxiliary members. Customer call volume can spike to over 650 calls on any given day, this number does not include fax orders or online orders that are also individually verified by these same three reps.

During an average month, UDC processes approximately 6,500 orders with an average monthly sales of over $1,200,000. 

The UDC currently stocks approximately 3,024 items.

Mailing Address

U.S. Coast Guard Uniform Distribution Center
414 Madison Avenue
Woodbine, NJ 08270-2315

OPFAC: 27-4795

Telephone and E-mail

Inquiries regarding personal orders - provide your EMPLID.

Inquiries regarding unit orders - provide your OPFAC.

Note: When you call the UDC Customer Service / Orders line, you will enter the UDC phone system tree.  When you make a selection, it may sound like the call is disconnecting when the call is actually just being transferred. Please stay on the line for a moment longer.  If all CSRs are busy, we will answer your call in the order in which it was received.

Name Telephone/ E-Mail
UDC Order Line
Customer Service
800-874-6841   Primary / Toll-Free
609-861-1221   Secondary / Local
Fax numbers for uniform orders 609-861-5632

UDC Manager

Recruit Issue Manager

Project Manager

UDC Returns for merchandise

Uniform Wear Policy Questions

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Last Modified 10/31/2014