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This online-only Mission Support magazine was created to improve communication across the Mission Support enterprise and enhance visibility of its activities and accomplishments. Our goal is for everyone — from the deck plate to the front office — to have a convenient source for new and ground-breaking Mission Support news and updates as we evolve into a more capable, efficient and sustainable mission support partner.

As an online-only magazine, Service Lines will be updated regularly with new stories and improvements to the site, so check back often to read the latest news from around the organization.

We hope you find the information published in this magazine informative and the format engaging.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome as we continue to improve and fine-tune this magazine. Please send all comments, article and news clip suggestions or submissions to servicelines@uscg.mil.

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Editorial content is unofficial and not authority for action. Views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the Department of Homeland Security or the Coast Guard. Articles may be reprinted except for those reprinted by permission from other publications.

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