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2013 National Coast Guard Reserve Awards Winner Summaries

Admiral Russell R. Waesche Award

This award is named after Admiral Russell R. Waesche who, while serving as Commandant, established the Coast Guard Reserve to bolster readiness during World War II. The award is presented annually by the Reserve Officers Association (ROA) of the United States of America in recognition of Districts, the Director of Operational Logistics (DOL) and Pacific Area-13 (PACAREA-13) for Port Security Units and Navy Coastal Riverine Force units that are judged to be most supportive of a totally integrated Coast Guard military force as demonstrated by its effective use and support of the Reserve Component during the previous fiscal year (FY).
CATEGORY 1 (Districts with fewer than 600 reservists assigned:)

Congratulations to the Ninth Coast Guard District (D9). Over the course of the summer, D9 reservists were involved with 348 search-and-rescue cases and conducted 2,335 vessel boardings. D9 chartered major initiatives to ensure the readiness of the Reserve force while synchronizing with the Boat Forces Reserve Management project and the Personal Allowance List. D9’s efforts aligned mobilization and surge capabilities with local, regional, and national requirements. The D9 Reserve Planning Board for Training created a comprehensive training offering 106 unique training opportunities for members while strengthening partnerships with other Districts to overcome limited winter training opportunities. Furthermore, D9 Reservists increased certifications in assigned competencies by 20%.
CATEGORY 2 (PACAREA-13, DOL, and Districts with 600 or more SELRES):

Congratulations to the First Coast Guard District (D1), whose reservists provided essential support in response to Hurricane Sandy which destroyed critical infrastructure, closed ports and displaced millions of residents. In this capacity, D1 Reserve members integrated seamlessly into every aspect of the mission, from filling ICS functions to investing countless hours of manual labor and cleanup support and infrastructure restoration. They worked with their active duty counterparts to safely reconstitute waterways and quickly re-open the Port of New York and New Jersey, allowing industry to resume and ensure the flow of critical goods such as heating oil to the New York metropolitan area. Additionally, reservists played a crucial role in securing waterways and facilities and restoring public transportation in a city hugely impacted by the Boston Marathon bombing. D1 pioneered an intelligence-watch staffed exclusively by reservists to sustain weekend operations. This effort resulted in more than 75 actionable intelligence products, one of which resulted in the seizure of 1,330 pounds of cocaine.

Rear Admiral Bennett "Bud" Sparks Award

This award is named after RADM Bennett “Bud” Sparks who championed the integration of Reserve and active duty workforces to achieve overall unit readiness. The award is presented annually by the Reserve Officers Association (ROA) of the United States of America to recognize the unit that is judged to be most supportive of an operationally ready Coast Guard Reserve force, as demonstrated by its effective use and support of the Reserve force during the previous fiscal year (FY).
Category 1 (Units with fewer than 100 SELRES):

Congratulations to Station New Orleans, who reinvented their reserve program and empowered highly motivated junior petty officers with duties and responsibilities that mirrored their active duty counterparts. The teamwork between the active and reserve components of Station New Orleans culminated with the establishment of two reserve duty sections. This allowed for an extra boat crew to be utilized for Coast Guard missions on weekends and enabled the unit to conduct 1,811 boardings in FY13 - the most of any Coast Guard unit. Additionally, reservists coordinated and hosted ICS training for Coast Guard and Customs and Border Patrol Agents at Station New Orleans, greatly enhancing the unit’s inter-agency operating capabilities.
Category 2 (Units with 100 or more SELRES):

Congratulations to Sector San Diego, whose reserve and active duty forces are fully integrated among all operational missions. Three fully qualified boarding teams, comprised exclusively of reservists, provided a strong force multiplier. Reservists completed more than 1700 underway hours, managed nine Search and Rescue cases, and hosted two six-day comprehensive boat crew trainings which yielded six small boat qualifications to include coxswain and crew member for the 33’ SPC-LE. In addition, Sector San Diego reservists also helped neighboring sectors with 24 Port State Control examinations, resulting in seven deficiencies and three marine casualty investigations. In addition to their operational successes, individual Sector San Diego reservists maintain an average overall readiness rate of 92%.

Reserve Outstanding Junior Officer (ROJO) Award

The Reserve Officers Association (ROA) of the United States of America annually presents the Reserve Outstanding Junior Officer (ROJO) Award to the Coast Guard Reserve junior officer judged to exemplify those characteristics expected of an outstanding junior officer during the past fiscal year (FY).
Congratulations to LT Christy Curry of Sector Jacksonville. LT Curry demonstrated superior leadership in every aspect of her performance. As the Sector’s Reserve Prevention Department Deputy, she supervised 31 officers and enlisted members dispersed across two geographical locations. LT Curry spearheaded an aggressive training program for pollution responder, container inspector, and facility inspector, leading to 26 qualifications and four marine safety insignia earned in just 12 months. Additionally, she created a Waterways Management Representative (WWM) training college that resulted in a 700% increase in WWM qualifications. Furthermore, LT Curry leads the Florida Joining Forces Coalition. In this role, she leads a task force of businesses, healthcare organizations, faith communities and others that monitor and evaluate available services in support of military families and veterans. As a leader in the Military Child Education Coalition, she ensures that quality educational opportunities exist for all military children affected by mobilizations, family separations, and transitions.

Coast Guard Reserve Chief Warrant Officer of the Year
& CW4 Michael J. Novosel Award Nominee for the ROA

The Reserve Officers Association (ROA) of the United States of America annually presents the Reserve Outstanding Chief Warrant Officer of the Year Award to the Coast Guard Reserve chief warrant officer (W-3 or below) in recognition of their achievements and dedicated service to the Coast Guard Reserve. The Coast Guard Reserve Chief Warrant Officer of the Year is also the Coast Guard Reserve’s nominee for the ROA’s CW4 Michael J. Novosel Award.
Congratulations to MSSD3 Dean Bunk of Sector Jacksonville. CWO Bunk is an enthusiastic leader who inspires shipmates to achieve their full potential. As the Sector Prevention Supervisor, he is responsible for ensuring the readiness of 12 team members and coordinating their operational and training requirements. CWO Bunk’s expertise led to his competitive selection as the Supply Unit Leader and alternate Logistics Section Chief for the Atlantic Area Incident Management Assistance Team in response to Super Storm Sandy. CWO orchestrated an outreach effort through local marinas and cruise ship terminals to increase marine safety and environmental awareness. The program resulted in a correction to numerous unsafe practices and netted an 80% increase in compliance of specific cruise terminal restricted zone regulations.
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