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Coast Guard Personnel Service Center

Officer Personnel Management Division

Officer Evaluations Branch (CG PSC-opm-3)

  Officer Specialty Management System (OSMS)

OSMS Overview

OSMS captures officer specialty supply (officers) and demand (billets). This information is critical to workforce planners and personnel management professionals in various activities; for example, accession formulation, training and education needs, assignments, and promotions. OSMS also provides officers and leaders with a blueprint for officer specialty career development. Additionally, unit leaders can use OSMS information to provide resources and opportunities for their officers to ensure a good officer specialty supply-demand match for effective mission execution. This site provides OSMS guidance and resources. We welcome your feedback via ARL-PF-CGPSC-OPM

OSMS Resources

New OSMS Informational Video

Quick Guide Training PowerPoint
General Information Sheet COMDTINST M5300.3 (OSMS Manual)
Command Information Sheet Employee Summary Sheets
(CG workstation only)
Member Information Sheet Competency Dictionary
OSCs in Plain Language Competency Cube Notes (CGBI)
OSMS and YOU - All Hands Blog series  

OSMS Additions and Deletions

Officer specialty codes (OSCs) are assigned to both officers and billets. The OSC assignment process for officers is detailed below. For OSC changes to billets please contact ARL-PF-CGPSC-OPM

To add an OSC to an officer's record: Review the Officer Specialty Requirements (OSR) form. Ensure you meet all requirements and that they are reflected to the maximum degree possible in Direct Access, TMT, and on your Employee Summary Sheet (CG workstation only) If you are unable to complete all requirements but feel your experiences qualify you for the specialty, submit an application with full details and command endorsement. If you are documenting a competency which lacks a qualification letter recommend using this template to smooth the transaction with your SPO.

Once all requirements are met and documented in the system, complete the OSC application form CG-5319A using these instructions. Route for command endorsement. COMDTINST M5300.3 Article 4.G.4 details who can endorse the applications, "Commanding Officers may delegate the “Command Approval” to a subordinate provided such delegation is formally established either via a unit organization manual, assignment to duties, designation memo, etc. That delegation shall be no lower than the Executive Officer or Deputy. A Flag Officer/SES may designate an O-6/GS-15 as approval authority."

OSC deletion requests use form CG-5319.

Please make every effort to submit applications with e-signatures. Scanned applications may be delayed due to additional processing.

Submit all Addition/Deletion applications to: ARL-PF-CGPSC-OPM Be sure a completed application with favorable command endorsement, and all required supporting documentation (i.e. ESS, certificates), is included with your submission.

Officer Specialty Code Addition Form (OSC, CG-5319A)
Ensure forms are emailed directly to OPM-3 OSMS repository and NOT to the specialty manager
Addition Form Instructions
Adding a Competency via SPO - Template Memo
Officer Specialty Code Deletion Form (OSC, CG-5319)
Sample Memos
Appeal OSC Decision
Specialty/Sub-specialty changes (* intended for specialty managers only)


Prior to contacting any Specialty Manager, please contact your OSMS POC.

Contact Us

For additional information concerning OSMS, contact (email preferred):

Brandon Chittum, USCG
OSMS Program Manager
(202) 795-6467


CG Personnel Service Center
Officer Evaluations Branch (OPM-3)
2703 Martin Luther King Junior Avenue, Southeast
Washington, DC 20593

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Last Modified 1/28/2016