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Security Levels

Coast Guard Personnel Service Center

Officer Personnel Management Division

Officer Evaluations Branch (CG PSC-opm-3)

  OER Processing Policy


FOR ...

Find in COMDTINST M1000.3A, Article:

Find in PSCINST M1611.1:

Regular OERs 5.A.3.a. Figure A-1
Detachment or change of the Reporting Officer 5.A.3.b. Figure A-3
Detachment on PCS orders, or separation from the Service of
5.A.3.c. Figure A-4
Promotion of Officers 5.A.3.d. Figure A-5
Report for Continuity Purposes 5.A.6. Chapter 9
Special OERs 5.A.3.e. Chapter 4
Concurrent OERs 5.A.4. Chapter 7
DUINS OERs 5.A.5. Chapter 8

Last Modified 1/12/2016