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U.S. Coast Guard
Personnel Service Center

Advancements and Separations Branch

 WASHINGTON DC 20593-7200

                                      Career Retentions                                        

Section Team Leader:  Mr. Sid Eagerton @ (202) 795-6558

Team Member:  YN1 Lawren Kanae @ (202) 795-6568 

Team Member:  YN2 Javen Head @ (202) 795-6550


Please send all documents or inquiries to:



  • Change in Rating (CIR) (Process Summary) (Member Template)
  • Dental Waiver (Final personnel action on dental waivers that have been endorsed by CG HSWL SERVCEN (om-de))
  • Erroneous Advancement
  • Extended Active Duty (EAD) (Reserves only) (Process Summary)(FAQs)
  • Extension & Re-Extension Contract (Corrections & Cancellations ONLY)
  • Integration (Reserves on EAD and Long Term Title 10 ONLY) (Process Summary)
  • Lateral Change in Rating in connection with the lost of a security clearance
  • Leave (Appellate, Advance, & Sick Leave ONLY)
  • Medical Board for Active Duty Personnel  - Final personnel action when "Approved"  (ONLY for findings of "Fit For Full Duty" and "Fit For Full Duty with conditions")
  • Medical Waiver (Temporary and Permanent)
  • Officer Reverting to Enlisted Status (CWO & Temp ENS & LTJG)
  • Organ Donation
  • Reduction in Rate (E-7 & above ONLY)
  • Reenlistment Appeals for ALCOAST 093/14. Memo Template - Click *HERE*
    *ALCOAST 274/15:  Amendment to ALCOAST 093/14
    NOTE:  If a member is BOTH not eligible and not recommended for reenlistment, the request must be sent to the Separations section for processing.  Click *HERE* for further instruction.
    Reenlistment Criteria FAQs - Click HERE
  • Reenlistment Contract (Corrections & Cancellations ONLY)
  • Removal of Designator
  • Removal of Document from EI-PDR
  • EER (Appeal Review Period Extensions & Approving Authority Clarification)
  • Restoration in Rating (RIR) (Process Summary)
  • Retroactive Advancement (Process Summary)
  • Return from Care of Newborn Child(ren) Separation Program (CNC)
  • Return from Separation for Non-compliance with CG Weight and Body Fat Standards
  • Return from Temporary Separation
  • Special Advancement (Prior CG personnel)
  • Time in Rate Determination

Please send all documents or inquiries to:


Career Retentions Docs/Tools
 - EPM-1 Process Guide

Helpful Links
 - Disability Evaluations Branch (PSC-psd-de)
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
 - MGIB/Post 911 Education Benefits

 - CG Institute
submissions & corrections

- Force Readiness Command (FORCECOM)
 - CG PPC Customer Service


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