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U.S. Coast Guard
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Health Services Technician, Public Affairs

& Musician Assignments

CWO Martin Antuna, Assignment Officer
Phone: (703) 872-6572
FAX: (703) 872-6664



Updated: 19 June 2014

Hello - I'm CWO4 Martin Antuna, the Health Services, Public Affairs, and Musicians Mate Assignment Officer.

Assignment Year :

Welcome to Assignment Year 2014 (AY14)!

Welcome to Assignment Year 2015 (AY15)!

The release of COMCOGARD PSC ARLINGTON VA 081410Z/ALCGENL 102/14, “Enlisted Personnel Management Assignment Year 2015 Kick Off,” marked the beginning of AY15.  If you are due to transfer in AY15, are above the cut for advancement, advanced and remained at the lower grade position or, you are “doubled-up” at your current position, you must seek and read this message.  If you supervise anyone under these categories, you too should seek and read this message.  Please pay particular attention to AY15’s timeline on this message.

I believe AY15 will present some of the same challenges we faced in AY14.  Therefore, I suggest you also seek and read COMCOGARD PSC ARLINGTON VA 021241Z/ALCGENL 097/14, “Enlisted Personnel Management Assignment Year 2014 Final Report.”  This message closed AY14 and contains the statistics for it, as well as the challenges/lessons learned, on what was the most challenging AY I have experienced.  One challenge not discussed on this message is the fact that not all collocations requests could be met.  If you are married to another active duty member you must understand the CG policy on assigning married couple which can be found on the CG “Military Assignments and Authorized Absences,” COMDTINST M1000.8 (Chap. 1.A.7).

The information necessary to be completely knowledgeable of the assignment process is available at the CG Personnel Service Center site at:  Most, if not all, questions and concerns about the assignment process can be answered by using these resources.

Assignment Afloat:

I’ll select and assign members for afloat duty using the same process as all other assignments.  As in AY14, I’ll follow any guidelines PSC-EPM-2 may give for women afloat for the timeline; but, will consider male and females at the same time.  If you want to compete for any of the available cutters in AY15 (see below) simply list them in order of preference in your AY15 e-Resume.  If you are a sea-duty candidate, not listing any cutters doesn’t mean I won’t consider you for them.  Not listing any cutters simply meas if you are selected for duty afloat, you don’t have a preference to which one you get assigned to. 

Available cutters in AY15 (as of June 2014):


Rank     CGC                               Homeport

HSC    BOUTWELL               San Diego, CA
HSC    MELLON                    Seattle, WA
HSC    MIDGETT                  Seattle, WA
HSC    BERTHOLF                Alameda, CA 

HS1     EAGLE                       Baltimore, MD
HS1     HARRIET LANE         Portsmouth, VA
HS1     FORWARD                 Portsmouth, VA
HS1     LEGARE                     Portsmouth, VA
HS1     ESCANABA                Boston, MA                
HS1     WALNUT                    Honolulu, HI
HS1     MAPLE                       Sitka, AK

 HS2     VALIANT                    Mayport, FL
HS2     VENTUROUS             St. Petersburg, FL
HS2     DEPENDABLE          Cape May, NJ (Probably moving to Little Creek, VA)HS2     DECISIVE                  Pascagoula, MS
HS2     WILLOW                     Newport, RI

Patrol Forces Southwest Asia (PATFORSWA):

I’ll select members for these coveted positions from AY15 e-Resumes.  If you are interested in this challenging, one year assignment, simply list it on your e-Resume.  Please ensure you meet the criteria and have included the appropriate endorsement.  There is a section about PATFORSWA on the PSC-EPM-2 site.  Also, be on the lookout for any messages with more specific PATFORSWA information for AY15.

Direct Access:

During the assignment season it is often difficult to reach each of you during normal business hours.  I encourage you to update your personal information in Direct Access (DA) with your current home & cell phone numbers and e-mail address.  You must also have an e-mail address with ".mil, .edu or, .gov" listed as your business e-mail address on DA.

Also, if you have Internet capabilities at home, you have access to Direct Access (DA).  From your home computer type: into your address box to get the DA sign on screen.  From there you navigate through DA the same way you would from work.


Rating Force Master Chief (RFMC):

I work closely with the three RFMCs listed below. The RFMC’s sites provide excellent, rate specific, as well as general information that can assist you in planning your career.
HS: HSCM Glenn T. Royes; 202 475-5174
PA: PACM Eugene M. O’Berry; 202 372-4639
MU: MUCM Ginny Sturm; 860 701-6851

Enlistment Procedure for the Musician Rate:

1. Applicant wins audition at the CG Academy; MUCM Sturm, (860) 701-6851.
2. CG Academy Band sends memo endorsement stating the individual is musically qualified to the local recruiter.
3. Local recruiter schedules physical examination (PE) with MEPS and ensures that the ASVAB exam has been taken.
4. If applicant meets all CG qualifications, then the local recruiter sends MEPS PE, ASVAB results, CG Academy Band endorsement, and applicant vital information to CG Recruiting Command (202)-493-6682.
5. CGRC gives approval and sends endorsement to EPM-2.
6. EPM-2, HS/PA/MU Assignment Officer issues orders to CG Academy Band.
7. Applicant is sworn-in and reports to CG Academy IAW orders issued.

Closing Remarks:

Again, all the information necessary to make you very knowledgeable on the enlisted assignment process is available to you from any CG standard workstation.  And yet, every year I encounter members with some unrealistic expectations.

I encourage the use of all the resources available to you for career and assignment counseling.  Detailed information is provided in the CG Military Assignments and Authorized Manual, COMDTINST M1000.8.  If you have not read this manual, you should do so!

If you have a question or concern that cannot be addressed using the resources available to you, please don’t hesitate to give me a call before August 29, 2014. At this stage of the assignment process I prefer telephone communications. If you call me and get a busy signal is because I’m probably on the phone. Please leave your name and a telephone number and I’ll call you back. It may take a bit of time, but I’ll get back to you.

As the assignment officer I also have an equally important role as career advisor.  I look forward to offer both assignment and career advice to you in AY15. Thank you.

How to Contact the Detailer:

Please review COMDTINST M1000.8 as this varies trough the assignment process.  If appropriate, you may contact me via phone @ (703) 872-6572, fax @ 703-872-6664, or email @



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