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U.S. Coast Guard
Personnel Service Center

Electronic Technician Assignments


CWO Michael Locke (ET-E6)
Incoming CWO Greg Sandness (ET- E4 & E5)

Phone: (202) 795-6604 CWO LOCKE
Phone  (202) 795-6591 CWO SANDNESS
FAX: (202) 372-8440
E-Mail: &


CAC VETC / ITNon-RateSpecial AsnmtAirman


Assignment Officer's Hot Word:
Updated 14 JAN 2016

*** CWO Michael Locke has assumed the E-7 assignment duties.
*** Incoming Greg Sandness is handling the E-6 and below assignments staring 01June.

*** PATFORSWA Solicitation Positions are listed below along with reporting dates.

A. Members interested in ET shore positions should apply
using one of the following position numbers, which are listed under
PATFORSWA department number 007006:
Grade Position
ET1 00075869 -- FILLED
ET2 00017169 -- FILLED
ET2 00075870 -- FILLED
B. Members interested in applying for any of the 6 afloat assignments
should apply to the following position, which is listed under the
CGC BARANOF department number 000555:
Grade Position
ET2 00013748

*** Updated:  29 MARCH 2016***

Greetings Shipmates, CWO Quincy Brown has retired to sunny California and I have assumed the responsibilities of the IT / ETC & above Assignment Officer. 

The revised cuts for the May and Nov SWE have been released.  Congratulations if you are above the cut, standby I am in the process of contacting members above the cut with assignment opportunities.  Not everyone will move due to advancement.

The below position are currently available, if you are interested, contact me through your Chain of Command.

                                                                        ISM2 Michael Locke

Position#         Unit                                                     Location         


00090644        TRACEN Training Div                        Petaluma, CA


00029731        Base Kodiak ESD                                Kodiak, AK

00031685        CGC Campbell (MK92)                        Portsmouth, NH

19371481        DIRSUP WMSL – MUNRO                   Alameda, CA

00025493        ESD Buffalo                                          Buffalo, NY

00000304        ESD Chincoteague                               Chincoteague, VA

00037788        ESD New York                                      Staten Island, NY

00030716        ESD Moriches                                       Moriches, NY

00006851        SFLC-PBPL-ENG-AMS3                       Baltimore, MD

00039384        C3CEN-CLD-ERF-ICS                         Baltimore, MD

00066477        MSRT ENG DIV                                    Chesapeake, VA

00036373        NAVCEN (IT Support)                           Alexandria, VA

AY 16 Standard Assignment Timeline
R 151943Z MAY 16
15 May - 28 Aug: Members contact AOs for career counseling and mentoring.
01 Jun – 15 Jul: ET Early Afloat Solicitation.
Revised Deadline for Early Afloat: 12 AUG 15
15 May - 15 Aug: Commands/Assignment Officers (AOs) conduct Personnel Allowance
List (PAL) validation.
14 Aug: Command Concerns (COMCONs) due.
15 Sep - 29 Sep: Unofficial shopping lists published/commands validate shopping list.
01 Oct: Official shopping lists published.
06 Nov: e-Resumes due.

10 Nov - 31 Mar: AOs slate members and issue orders.

To Submit an eResume:

1. Select PCS eResumes in Direct Access.
2. For Recruitment Type select "Active Duty PCS"
3. For Job Family select "ET"
4. For Grade select your paygrade, I.E. E4, E5, E6
5. Apply Don't forget Member Comments and any Command Endorsements you may may need.


If you are currently AFLOAT, tour complete in AY16 (01 July 2016) and will be seeking an extension, contact me ASAP via your chain of command. I will be building the AY15 Early Afloat Shopping List and need to know who will be competing for extensions afloat.


DTG: 201951Z MAY 15
1. In preparation for the upcoming Enlisted Assignments Outreach season, PSC-epm-2 is soliciting for command and member involvement in webinars. The purpose of the webinars is to provide invaluable outreach to the enlisted workforce so that enlisted members and command cadre may better understand the assignment process.
2. The webinar is a conferencing venue that utilizes internet and telephone technologies. Members in attendance should have access to a telephone and CG Work Station III with Office Communicator.
3. Commands/ members interested in attending a webinar should access the CG Portal webinar calendar located at to view available dates and POC information for registration. Webinars will be rating-specific and will include information from both the Assignment Officer and Rating Force Master Chief.
4. Due to limited log-ins, commands with multiple members of a specific rating are encouraged to collaborate and have members attend the webinars together.

5. If your operational schedule does not allow attendance to one of the already-scheduled webinars, please contact the applicable POC.




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Last Modified 4/5/2016