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Electronic Technician Assignments


CWO Timothy O'Donnell, Assignment Officer
Phone: (703) 872-6604
FAX: (703) 872-6665
E-Mail: Timothy.J.ODonnell@uscg.mil


CAC VETC / ITNon-RateSpecial AsnmtAirman


Assignment Officer's Hot Word:
Updated 21 MAY 2014


AY15 Early Afloat Updates:

Due to the FRC Position 19365817 (HERIBERTO HERNANDEZ) not populating in Direct Access, please instead use 19365842, RICHARD DIXON to apply to FRCs on the Early Afloat Shopping list.


00010211  ET2   CGC ANTHONY PETIT    KETCHIKAN  AK   A-303-N   

To Submit an eResume:

1. Select PCS eResumes in Direct Access.
2. For Recruitment Type select "Active Duty PCS"
3. For Job Family select "ET"
4. For Grade select your paygrade, I.E. E4, E5, E6
5. Apply!

Don't forget Member Comments and any Command Endorsements you may may need. 



Shipmates and fellow technicians, my last day as your Assignment Officer will be 13 June 2014. At that time, I will be leaving you in the very capable hands of CWO Tim O'Donnell. He'll be reporting to PSC EPM-2 in late May to begin our relief process. Until my departure date, please copy he and I both on your correspondence.

During my tenure the last 2 years as your Assignment Officer, I have had the pleasure of speaking directly or indirectly with all of you. I have enjoyed helping you all make assignment decisions that will help you enhance your careers. 

My last piece of advice for you as I begin the transition to my next unit is, as you arrive upon your own assignment seasons, keep your service and career development in mind as you craft your E-Resumes. Of course we all want and need to take care of ourselves and our families, but keep in mind you're in a Military Service and in order to succeed in our service, you must keep in mind that you are here to serve our country and not necessarily yourselves.

If you need to contact me after I depart, I'll be working as a project officer at OSC Martinsburg, WV. You can find me in Global as LT Erik D. Peterson, as I will be departing the ranks of the CWO Corps on 01 May.   

I currently have critical fill vacancies for the following positions:

00002172  ET1   002358 CG Academy   New London, CT

00031023  ET2   000509 COMMSTA KODIAK (Full Tour)  Kodiak, AK

Contact me via your chain of command if you're interested in these AY14 positions.









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