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Electrician's Mate Assignments

CWO Byron Belmas, Assignment Officer
Phone: (703) 872-6586
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10 April 2015


Early Slate Cutters (May 2015 – July 2015):

For those that don’t know, the reason for early slate cutters is to provide EPM and TQC the necessary mechanism to slate inbound E-5 – E-9 members for mandatory pre-arrival training, AKA pipeline schools, which accounts for ~ 500 training billets.  I fill the cutters first.  There seems to be some confusion surrounding early slate cutters, i.e., are you required to put in for them.  Although you are not required to, you are strongly encouraged to submit an eResume for early slate cutters – especially sea going candidates.  That said, anyone tour complete in AY ’16 can put in for early slate cutters (if you’re above the SWE cut for the next pay grade or are already in a billet to pay-grade mismatch: this includes you – more on this later).  The cutters that nobody put in for will be filled by sea going candidates.  Who is a sea going candidate?  A sea going candidate is typically a priority four or five member with minimal sea time; but more generally a priority four or five member.  I rank order all tour complete members according to rated sea time AND marks average (both pulled from DA – this is your responsibility, please ensure these numbers are accurate with your SPO).  I then filter by priority.  The “short list” of unfilled cutters (usually about ten or twelve per pay grade) will be emailed to the sea going candidates regardless if you put in an eResume or not.  The same goes for PATFORSWA positions (afloat and ashore).     


Progressive Slating for shore positions (dates TBD):

Once I fill the early slate cutters and issue orders, I’ll close the positions in DA before the shopping list is published on 1 October.  Then, priorities one, two and three will submit their eResumes for the available shore positions by the EPM published deadline (6 Nov for AY ’16).  I will slate and cut orders for these in November/December.  After orders are cut, I will close out the filled jobs in DA.  Then, priorities four and five will submit their eResumes for the remaining positions by the end of January.  I will then slate / issue orders for these in February/March.  The reason for progressive slating is twofold: 1.) more realistic shopping list for priority four and five members and 2.) saves the AO valuable time calling/emailing commands & members who didn’t earn assignment – which equals you getting your orders sooner.


Realistic eResumes:

What is a realistic eResume?  A realistic eResume is just that; realistic.  Here are two examples of unrealistic eResumes (not all inclusive): 1.) someone who screens successfully for EPO that lists general duty jobs in between or before EPO positions and 2.)  an eResume that lists positions in only one geographical area.  I’m reluctant to associate  a number with how many jobs an eResume should have, but if you only have a few jobs on your eResume – and you are a priority four or five (sometimes even a priority 3), that could be unrealistic. 





Special Needs:

If your family is enrolled in the special needs program it’s an excellent idea to “pre-screen” your positions with your Family Resource Specialist (FRS).  If you list a position on your eResume that you cannot go to because your family’s needs cannot be met there, you will lose out on that opportunity – and potentially other positions.  Please bear in mind, when I slate you for a position, I immediately email the FRS.  The FRS usually gets back to me within a couple of days, but I don’t have the luxury of time to wait for the response – so I continue to slate.  By the time the FRS gets back to me, it could be five days since I sent the email, I could be done slating.  Depending on how many positions you have on your eResume, you could fail to earn assignment.  You would be at the mercy of whatever the Service need is.


Tour complete = billet to pay-grade mismatch = above the SWE cut:

Tour complete members are those that have fulfilled their orders obligation at their current unit. Billet to pay-grade mismatches and those that are above the SWE cut (soon to be billet to pay-grade mismatch) will be considered for re-assignment (operative being considered).  There are a lot of moving parts to the assignment process, so just because you are in a billet to pay-grade mismatch doesn’t automatically mean you will be moved – but you could be.  To be on the safe side, please update your eResume when you’re officially above the cut for advancement.  If there is a fleet up opportunity at your unit, you will be considered for this as it makes sense all around.


Assignment Officer / Rating Force Master Chief webinar coming soon:

I’m looking into holding a webinar (possibly more than one) for EMs hosted by EMCM Brown and myself during the summer.  This will enable EMs to call in with questions to be answered by us in real time.  More to follow…


Best of luck to all of you…stay safe.


CWO2 Byron Belmas, EM Assignment Officer.








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