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Aviation A School Assignments


ASTC Samuel Ariola, Assignment Officer
Phone: (202) 795-6577
FAX: (202) 795-6548
E-Mail: Samuel.A.Ariola(at)

CAC VETETC/ITSpecial AsnmtNon Rate


**Aviation Candidates** 
                                                                                                                                                    Members intending to apply for Aviation A-school should start the Flight Physical process early. Units shall include verification email with the A-school request for AMT, AET, or AST  that members physical has been released in AERO by local clinic to PSC for processing.  Any request without this email will be returned to unit as incomplete. Candidates will not be added to the A-school list without an approved PSC flight physical.

If the candidate requires a medical waiver to attend A-school a waiver request will need to be drafted by the member and routed through command for endorsement, See template below. The completed memo shall be sent to the following: ARL-PF-CGPSC-EPM-1-(Career-Retentions).Aviation Waiver Template can be found on the portal page.

.*As of Oct 1, 2015 and until further notice the EPME AQE has been waived to attend A-school. A-school candidates shall have completed E-4 EPME RPQ's (sign-offs) prior to executing orders to A-school.

*You will be required to obligate 24 months plus number of training days for your school to attend A-school. See the following for info on course length:

*If you do not meet the reenlistment criteria as Per ALCOAST 093/14 your current command should request a waiver prior to you receiving orders to A-school.                                                       

 Memo Directing members with dependents attend Aviation "A" School TDY

New Active Duty “A” School Request Format

 • Requests must come from the Command Cadre or someone that has By Direction authority. Below are the directions for submission:

 • The Adobe Form at the following link is now the only method for submitting “A” School Requests:

 • The submit button is now required to send this form to the "A" School Assignment Officers; it is the only way that they can track requests and they will be rejected if it is not done this way. Most of the Workstation III's in the Coast Guard have an older version of Adobe installed; you will need to enable JavaScript at the top of the form before submitting.

 • To enable JavaScript:

 • Open the form on desktop(not in web browser)

 • Click Edit in menu bar—Preferences—JavaScript on left bar, and check enable JavaScript box

 • Only the pertinent information for each rate needs to be completed.

 The "To" line is already complete and not editable; the "CC" line can be used as needed.

 The Subject line will auto complete as the form is completed.

 • Upon receipt, the "A" School Assignment Officer will review the request and add member to the appropriate "A" School List. If the request is incomplete or we require amplifying information, we will reply to the unit identifying what information is needed. Note that since requests are submitted via email (instead of actual forms), the command may be requested to provide a copy of the original documentation for verification of a request.


UNCLAS //N01550//


ALCOAST 532/13




SUBJ: AIRMAN PROGRAM INTEGRATION WITH AVIATION CLASS A SCHOOLS A. Performance, Training, and Education Manual, COMDTINST M1500.10 (series) B. Enlisted Accessions, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2 (series) C. Aeronautical Engineering Maintenance Management Manual, COMDTINST M13020.1 (series) D. Aviation Workforce Restructuring, COMDTINST 5221.1 (series) 1. Through close collaboration with COMDT (CG-41) and DCMS-81, the Airman Program described in refs (A-D) is now integrated into Class A school for AET, AMT, and AST ratings. Implications follow:

     a. The Airman curriculum is now integrated into each aviation Class A school curriculum.

     b. No further Airman orders will be issued.

     c. Students will be issued TDY orders to Class A school.

     d. Members must have an approved flight physical before applying to any aviation rating Class A school.

     e. Aviation Senior Enlisted Rating Performance Qualification

 (RPQ) Standards are changed as follows:

       (1) RPQ 8.2.4 "Manage Unit Airman Program" is cancelled.

       (2) RPQ Enabling Objective (EO) is cancelled. EOs and are still required for completion of RPQ 8.2.6.

 2. The Airman program achieved noteworthy success in preparing personnel for Aviation Class A school, however analysis conducted by COMDT (CG-41), the Rating Force Master Chiefs (RFMC), and FORCECOM concluded that the Airman program would be run more efficiently if integrated with Class A School. Integration eliminates Airman training burden on units, standardizes instruction, and saves administrative effort and travel cost.

 3. Questions may be directed to respective AET, AMT, or AST RFMCs.

 4. RDML S. A. Buschman, Commander, Force Readiness Command, Sends.

 5. Internet release authorized.


** AST Candidates ** 

The Screening Test Link below provides information on testing instructions/requirements and exercise descriptions.  Supervisors shall familiarize themselves with the content and ensure AST candidates are briefed and fully understand what is required.  It is imperative that all exercise descriptions and times outlined be strictly adhered to during the PFT exam.  Upon successful completion, the PFT grading sheet (contained in PFT document) shall be completed, signed and emailed to EPM "A" School Assignment Officer, POC: ASTC Ariola at  After receipt, review and EPM approval, members temporary PFT code previously assigned will be removed. Please complete at the earliest convenience.


  Once approved and assigned to a class roster, EPM POC: ASTC Ariola will send orders to the member.  Time frame for receipt of orders is based on class convening dates and availability which is subject to change.  Candidates should be briefed and fully understand that the Pre-Screening PFT previously administered at your unit, will again be administered the first day of AST "A" School.  Members will have a total of (3) attempts to pass the PFT in-test within the first week.  Failure to successfully meet the minimum physical training screen exam requirements within the timeframe will result in disenrollment from AST "A" School.  This information will also be included in the members orders.


Commanding Officers/Officers-In-Charge are required to ensure member is counseled and adequately prepared for the required entry level physical training screen exam administered during the first week of training.  With the possible delay from initial unit Pre-Screening PFT and members actual class convening date; although not required, it is recommended that units reevaluate the candidate to ensure requirements are still maintained.  If completed and reevaluation reveals failure to complete, contact EPM POC: ASTC Ariola for direction.

AST Candidate Screening Test, updated 20 March 2014


Flight Physicals will be processed in the order that they are submitted.

R 301755Z JUL 13


TO AIG 4905


UNCLAS //N06010//

SUBJ: AIRCREW CANDIDATE (ACC) PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS UPDATE A.  COMCOGARD WASHINGTON DC 101919Z JUN13/AIG 4905 B.  Coast Guard Aviation Medical Manual, COMDTINST M6410.3 (series) 1.  This AIG clarifies REF A.

2.  The period of validity for an ACC physical examination is now 24 months.

3.  This change will be updated in the next version of REF B.

4.  POC: CAPT Jeff Salvon-Harman (CG-1121), 202-475-5170

Email: Jeffrey.C.Salvon-Harman(AT)

5.  CAPT Deborah Noyes, Chief, Office of Health Services, sends.

6.  Internet release is authorized.





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ASTC Samuel Ariola
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