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U.S. Coast Guard
Personnel Service Center

 Food Service Specialist Assignments

CWO Mike Kreider, Assignment Officer
Phone: (703) 872-6595
FAX: (703) 872-6664

CWO Tim Lemelin, Assignment Officer
FS2, FS3, "A" School, PATFORSWA
Phone: (703)872-6570
FAX: (703) 872-6664


Greetings from EPM-2, FS Assignments.

ALCOAST 346-15, Recruiting and Retention Bonus message:

FAQ's to ALCOAST 346-15:

ALCOAST 346-15 FAQs (2).pdf

Command Endorsements
If you are interested in a Food Service Officer (FSO) assignment, especially Independent Duty FSO assignment, you should work towards achieving the following:

- Command endorsement- this lets us know your commands level of confidence in your ability to complete a tour of duty as FSO successfully and whether or not you are recommended. See COMDTINST M1000.8A 1.C.17 Assignment to Food Service Officer Positions COMDTINST M1000.8 1.C.16 Assignment to Independent Duty Positions to see if you qualify. No record of performance probation, civil arrest, courts-martial, NJP, alcoholism, drug misuse, indebtedness, ext., for TWO years prior to submission of requests.

- Achieve financial responsibility (professional and personal)- The FS rate is subject to specific guidelines in the MILITARY ASSIGNMENTS AND AUTHORIZED ABSENCES (1.A.13), which hold us at a higher standard due to the sensitive financial information, credit cards, cash, forms, etc. in which we are charged with managing.

- Security Clearance- Ensure you are able to obtain a security clearance, this is important for members requesting assignment aboard patrol boats and the new FRCs.

- On the Job Training (OJT)-Ensure you are an active member in your Coast Guard Dining Facilities training program. If you are a junior FS3 you may want to concentrate on honing your Jack of the Dust duties, as this is the precursor to FSO.

Communication with your Command
If you are applying for positions that require a Command endorsement, ensure that you engage your supervisor early so that there is enough time for your Command to properly endorse your e-resume as required. Keep in mind that your Command will have numerous e-resumes to endorse and they may not have enough time to endorse your e-resume if you submit it last minute. We recommend members submit their e-resumes the last week of October to give their Command time to do the endorsement in Direct Access. In addition, keep watching the shopping list until the deadline of 08 Nov. If your dream job opens up the first week of November before the 8th, you will need to create another e-resume. If you were favorably endorsed by your Command on all of your other FSO picks and you are applying for the same type of position then you are all set. If you are applying for a different position that requires a Command Endorsement which wasn’t addressed in the first e-resume, you will need a NEW Command endorsement to address that position.
Special Command Aide Duty
Coast Guard REPFACs, DHS Mess, White House, Commandants Mess
COMDINST 5300.13A (4 year tour, Security Clearance Mandatory) Follow Instructions as per CGMS SOLICITATION FOR AY14 SPECIAL COMMAND AIDE DUTY will be released in August/September 2015.
Special Duty Assignments: COMDTINST M1000.8A 1.E.2. Qualifications
Instructor Duty: COMDTINST M1000.8A 1.E.6
FSAT Team Positions: COMDTINST M1000.8A 1.C.13

If you are above the cut, you should list positions on your E-Resume for the new pay grade. You should not list pay grade mismatch positions on your E-resume as ANY of your picks. If you would like to be considered for a pay grade mismatch that your command endorses and will provide a service/unit need, you can request this in your comments section of the E-resume. If you are ranked high on SWE list, but are not above the cut due to low cuts or even lack of cuts and are in doubt about what pay grade positions to put on your E-resume, use the following as an example of what to put in your comments section of your e-resume: “Picks 1-10 are listed for my current rank of E-6 and picks 11-20 are for E-7 positions should I become above the cut for advancement.” The number of picks listed here is just an example, you can put as many billets on your e-resume as you want. Obviously the more billets the more “realistic” your e-resume will be. If you want the term “realistic” defined, I highly encourage individuals to set up an appointment for career counseling.

Sea Time

There is a Sea Time requirement for advancement. You need 24 months to advance to E-6 and 36 months RATED to advance to E-7. We have over 120 afloat billets aboard patrol boats, many more independent duty jobs afloat on “Black Hulls” and Large/Medium Cutters, which gives all members plenty of opportunities to get the required sea time needed for advancement. We recommend that career minded individuals get their required sea time completed as soon as possible so they can compete for FS1 and FSC accordingly. Sea time waivers for advancement will NOT be authorized as per the current RFMC, EPM, and CG-1111.

"A" School Candidates/Strikers
Members completing the FS striker program should expect to transfer from their current unit. Strikers will be treated the same as "A" School graduates. All newly advanced FS3 candidates coming from either the "A" school or the FS Striker Program should expect to receive orders based on service need. You will be required obligate enough service to complete a full tour at your first unit after completing FS "A" School.

Command Issues-Backfills
We make every effort to avoid pay grade mismatches, however with current and projected shortages in the FS rate, you should expect to receive an FS3 out of "A" School for most backfills, including FS2 positions that are not FSO positions. We cannot always guarantee an immediate replacement; however each backfill will be slated based on severity and unit/service needs.

Assignments with Respect to Newly Promoted Members
In an effort to reduce the churn in the workforce, we attempt to leave members for complete tours. However, this is sometimes very difficult particularly for the newly promoted personnel, especially FS2's/FS1's. We use the following as general guidelines for newly promoted members:

- Newly promoted FS2's/FS1's have a greater potential to complete their current assignment if they are independent duty afloat. However, an assessment of FS2's/FS1's to FS2/FS1 billets for your unit will have to be done. Critical vacancies in the field may override the ability to provide this convenience.

-Newly promoted FS2's will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We will consider time in current assignment, current tour length, service need and member's sea time, and positive or negative Command Endorsement.

- Newly promoted FS1's currently assigned to WPB's or any other FSO positions have a greater possibility to complete their tours. These situations will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Remember, we advance to vacancies.

-Fleet-ups, whether at current unit or another unit in the locale, will be maximized. Fleet-ups do not change rotation dates.

Assignment Extensions
For members requesting their first extension, the extension will usually be granted provided your Command favorably endorses the extension request. However, the extension requests that are not communicated to us during the Career Counseling Assignment time frame (see yearly AY SITREP, but usually May 1st through August 30th) will be competed for. Members requesting a second extension must will compete with their peers. These are general guidelines and are subject to the FS AO’s discretion. Approved extensions, just like any other orders, will be made available in your PeopleSoft airport terminal and maybe cancelled for service needs.

Special Needs Program
The Special Needs program ensures that members having dependents with a verified special need are assigned to a geographic area in which the need can be addressed. The specifics of the Special Needs Program are outlined in COMDINST M1754.7A. The AO will communicate with the Work-Life Staff to ensure that members enrolled in the Special Needs Program are assigned in an area that their special needs can be adequately met. We must reemphasize; the program does not guarantee a specific unit or assignment, and it will only ensure that the assignment is in an acceptable area. Furthermore, we do not discuss specific assignments with the Work-Life. If you are enrolled in the special needs program, list only positions/units that are located in areas that can address your needs. Your active collaboration with the local Work-Life staff is encouraged to ensure that only acceptable areas are listed on the E-Resume. Please include a statement that your e-resume selections have been prescreened through your Family Resource Specialist. If you do not pre-screen your picks and we slate you and find out (often weeks later) that your needs cannot be met in the area you selected, the rest of your options may have been given to someone else. We will not go back and re-slate 20 members because you did not pre-screen your e-resume.

Obligated Service Associated with Orders
Members are required to obligate service (OBLISERV) to execute orders. If a member is not willing to obligate service as noted on the orders please follow the guidance on ALCGENL 051/10. (You will only have 5 business days to refuse & you may be discharged in 30 days.)

The OBLISERV policy is as follows:

-Members having less than 6 years of active service must obligate service equal to full tour length

- Members having more than 6 years of active service and assigned INCONUS must obligate 1 year of service.

Any member assigned OUTCONUS, Instructor, or Special Assignments must obligate service to equal a full tour length.

Retirement (RILO) or Separation in Lieu of Orders
If you are placing a retirement letter dated for anything outside of the normal retirement window of May 1st through Oct 1st, then ensure you have your Commands endorsement acknowledging they may be accepting a potential gap. If this is not done, the process is delayed considerably. Retirement eligible members (> 20 years active duty) in receipt of orders may request retirement in lieu of orders. The member must request the RILO within 5 days of receiving PCS orders. If the retirement request is approved, the member will be retired by 01Sep of the current year. Approval is based on service need










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