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Employee Review Q & A

Q.   I have a member who advanced to a higher paygrade before the submission schedule deadline of his current paygrade. Do I still need to do the marks of his previous paygrade?

A.   No, This is a submission schedule question, the submissions schedule will not allow an E2 set of marks dated 08/31 for a member who advanced to E3 on 08/29. In this case the member would need to wait until the next marking period for E3. There is no Time in Rate/Grade restrictions for EERs. Example, if an E2 member advanced January 29 to E3 then he must be marked as an E3 January 31. The 92 day rule does not say, you must complete a review for a member, it merely states that you can perform a Unscheduled Employee review for a member ending more than 92 days since his last. In this case, the member would not need another employee review until January.

Q.   My command is processing a discharge board on one of my members, and I have been tasked with providing the burden of proof by which to discharge this member. In April we did a set of marks on this member but I cannot view several of the comments for marks that required comments. Is there a way to get this documentation?

A.   Yes, this information can only be seen by certain profiles and cannot be provided for documentation of a member's past for marking purposes, but can be provided via email or fax for supporting documentation of a Discharge board or Awards board by sending an email or letter from the member's CO to PPC(adv) in the following format:

Subject: Request for EER Past Comments of Member's name, rate, and EMPLID
1. Brief summary of why comments are needed and/or special circumstances of request.
2. Department ID of unit
3. Period ending date of EER

NOTE: Past comments for Evals not entered into Direct Access or archived evals are not available. You will need to locate member's Page 7's for required comments.

Q.   Is there a way to get the access to view previous comments without going through PPC(ADV)?

A.   Not at this time. However, discussions regarding giving units different kinds of eyes only access is currently under review.

Q.   Is there a way to get previous member counseling reports? Can I print a member's current counseling report after I've finalized and submitted marks on a member?

A.   If the desired member counseling report is for the last set of marks to be entered then yes. However, if there is a more recent set of marks in the system, even if not completed, then no. The system automatically defaults to the most recent set of Evals available. For more information, click here for instructions on EER's and Member Counseling Reports.

To print the member's most current member counseling report after you've submitted final follow the directions in the user guide.

Q.   Where would I put the comment for future leadership potential of those members E6 and above recommended for advancement?

A.   You would put the comments in the yellow box next to the Recommendation of Advancement competency under the Reviewers tab.

Q.   I have a Reservist who's on EAD, should I mark him along with the rest my Active Duty members?

A.   No. When a member is on EAD the member is still considered a reservist and therefore should still only be marked once a year as per the submission schedule.

Q.   I accidentally started a set of evals with the wrong date and need to change it, what do I do?

A.   Just change the date and it will automatically erase the previous bad set. However, be sure to print all tabs prior to changing date because all data will be LOST when date is changed. This will allow for a relatively painless process when it comes time to transpose the data to the correct form.

Q.   A member who wants to take the SWE was previously marked Not Recommended for advancement. Since then the CO would like to change his recommendation, do we need to submit another EER?

A.   Yes. In those instances where the only change being made is to the advancement recommendation, the approving official initiates a new EER in Direct Access and selects change of CO RECOMMENDATION (CORC) as the rating scale. This creates an abbreviated EER having only the new recommendation. The approving official then makes the new advancement recommendation and enters comments in the comments area explaining the reason(s) for the change. It is critical that the approving official makes the change using their own login access and clicks the submit button, thus putting their electronic ID on the change and allowing for verification of the legitimacy of the change. Both the new and the original EER remain in the mbr’s record so there is a complete EER history. An approving official experiencing connectivity difficulties should contact PPC(adv) by the best means available for assistance.

All changes made using this procedure will be reviewed by PPC (adv) to determine the impact on the mbr’s advancement eligibility and standing on any advancement eligibility list. A mbr receiving a change to not recommended will be declared ineligible for any upcoming SWE and will have their name removed from any applicable advancement eligibility list. A change to recommended designed to allow the mbr to participate in SWE competition must be completed prior to that SWE’s eligibility deadline date. No backdating of changes will be allowed after that date has passed. For supplemental advancements, the change to recommended must be completed and viewable in Direct Access before the placement completed and viewable in direct access before the placement message is sent.

Q.   When I look under the Employee Review tab in an EER there are many options in the Employee Review Type drop down box. Under what circumstances should I use each of the options available?

A.   Though some of the options are not to be used with an Enlisted Employee Review here's a cheat sheet to help you:

Q.   Does the system still record comments we input on an EER if a member receives a competency of 3 through 6?

A.   This question often came up during our road show as we presented the new Employee Review system to the field. Comments are only required for marks of 1, 2, and 7. A marking official may opt to enter comments on the EER which can be used as a counseling tool. These additional comments will be visible on the member counseling form when printed, and a unit may maintain a paper file copy of that form. But the official data record in Direct Access will only store the required comments.

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