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  • List of Authorized CG-3307 (Administrative Remarks) Entries

    Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2 (series), Enclosure (6)


    This page lists authorized example CG-3307 entries required by the Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual, PPCINST M1000.2 (series) and Commandant issued directives. Per COMDTINST 1000.14 (series), Preparation and Submission of Administrative Remarks (CG-3307), units are prohibited from using the CG-3307 to document events not listed in the examples below.

    Preparation and Distribution

    Instructions for the preparation and distribution of CG-3307 entriesfile in pdf format

    About the Templates

    The following files are "fill in the blank" CG-3307's entries. They are is MS Word file format, so you can edit them as needed. If you need to change the text of the entry, (in MS Word 2003) click View | Toolbars | Forms in the Word menu. Click the "Padlock" icon on the Forms toolbar to unlock the form. Please see this Quick Reference Guide if you are using Office 2007.

    What's New?

    New Administrative Remarks Templates

    Per ALCGPSC 018/15, Results of Uniform Board 46 Prior Service Insignia, we've added a new CG-3307 template to use when a member is authorized to wear a prior service insignia on their Coast Guard uniform.

    Entry Title
    PD-06 Prior Service Insignia

    Per ALCOAST 390/14 here are the new CG-3307 templates to use for drug and alcohol incidents:

    Entry Title
    PD-13 Alcohol Incident
    PD-13 Drug Incident
    PD-14 Subsequent Alcohol Incident
    PD-15 Completed Screening
    PD-16 Completed Education
    PD-17 Treatment Failure
    PD-18 Refusal of Treatment

    Note: There is no need or authority to remove obsolete (P&D-19 and P&D-20) or updated entries (listed above) from the PDR.

    List of Templates

    ACC-02 DEP Discharge into USCG32KBDOC File
    ACC-03 Drug-Free33KBDOC File
    ACC-04 Pre-Training Physical32KBDOC File
    ACC-05 Missing Social Security Card33KBDOC File
    ACC-06 Resident Alien 32KBDOC File
    ACC-07 Not a US citizen32KBDOC File
    ACC-08 Color Vision32KBDOC File
    ACC-09 E-3 without a designator32KBDOC File
    ACC-10 May be eligible for advancement to pay grade E-433KBDOC File
    ACC-11 Withholding information is punishable under the UCMJ32KBDOC File
    ACC-12 Reserve over 4032KBDOC File
    ACC-13 Reserve Swim Test32KBDOC File
    ACC-14 Reserve Swim Test Member Not Attending Accession Training32KBDOC File
    ACC-15 Reserve Direct Deposit Member Not Attend Accession Training34KBDOC File
    ACC-16 Spouse on Acitve duty32KBDOC File
    ACC-17 Scholar Program Service Dates47KBDOC File
    ACC-18 Scholar Program Leave46KBDOC File
    AR-01 Reduction in Rate36KBDOC File
    AR-03 Reduction in Rate Oberservation Period Complete34KBDOC File
    AR-04 Withdrawal of Advancement Recommendation34KBDOC File
    AR-05 Voluntary Removal from CWO Eligibility List33KBDOC File
    AR-06 Voluntary Removal from CWO Eligiblity List-Hardship32KBDOC File
    AR-07 Voluntary Removal from ADV List34KBDOC File
    AT-01 Availability for Unrestricted Assignment32KBDOC File
    AT-02 HUMS Transfer34KBDOC File
    AT-03 Unsuitable for Special Duty34KBDOC File
    AT-04 Suitablity for Icebreaker Duty34KBDOC File
    AT-05 Member to Member OCONUS Re-assignment32KBDOC File
    AT-06 Overseas Screening34KBDOC File
    AT-10A Transfer to IRR50KBDOC File
    AT-10B Transfer to ISL48KBDOC File
    AT-10C Transfer to ASL48KBDOC File
    AT-10D Transfer to SELRES54KBDOC File
    AT-11 Administrative Absence to Obtain a Legal Marriage36KBDOC File
    BON-01 SELRES Reenlistment - Extension Bonus Unit34KBDOC File
    BON-02 SELRES Enlistment Bonus - Recruiting Office34KBDOC File
    BON-03 SELRES Enlistment Bonus - Unit34KBDOC File
    BON-04 SELRES Affiliation Bonus - Unit34KBDOC File
    BON-05 SELRES Bonus Absence due to recall34KBDOC File
    BON-06 SELRES Bonus Authorized a period of non-availability35KBDOC File
    BON-07 SELRES Bonus with A School Requirement36KBDOC File
    PD-01 Overweight_No_Probation_Recomend_Discharge_Sep_ISL48KBDOC File
    PD-01A Weight_Probation_Period_Extension_30_Days46KBDOC File
    PD-01B Weight_Probation_Period_Abeyance_6_months36KBDOC File
    PD-02 Weight_Probation_Semiannual Officer51KBDOC File
    PD-02 Weight_Probation_Semiannual52KBDOC File
    PD-02A Weight_Probation_Non_Semiannual Officer50KBDOC File
    PD-02A Weight_Probation_Non_Semiannual50KBDOC File
    PD-03 Weight_Probation_Complete_Met_Weight_Standards34KBDOC File
    PD-04 Weight_Separation_Post_Probation36KBDOC File
    PD-05 Missed Vessel Movement34KBDOC File
    PD-06 General_Positive34KBDOC File
    PD-06 Prior Service Insignia19KBDOC File
    PD-07 General_Negative34KBDOC File
    PD-08 Reserve Telework Acknowledgement512KBPDF File
    PD-08 UCMJ Code of Conduct Acknowledgement34KBDOC File
    PD-09 Obligation to Provide Continuous and Adequate Support of Dependents34KBDOC File
    PD-10 Failure to Pay Depts34KBDOC File
    PD-10A Counseled Government Travel Charge Card Payment 61 Days Late36KBDOC File
    PD-10B Counseled Government Travel Charge Card Misuse36KBDOC File
    PD-11 Unsat Conduct of Personal Affairs and Support of Dependents34KBDOC File
    PD-12 Counseling for Inappropriate Relationships34KBDOC File
    PD-13 Alcohol Incident38KBDOC File
    PD-13 Drug Incident35KBDOC File
    PD-14 Subsequent Alcohol Incident37KBDOC File
    PD-15 Completed Screening36KBDOC File
    PD-16 Completed Education37KBDOC File
    PD-17 Treatment Failure34KBDOC File
    PD-18 Refusal of Treatment36KBDOC File
    PD-21 Counseling for Placement on Performance Probation34KBDOC File
    PD-22 Awarded General Discharge34KBDOC File
    PD-23 DWO_Failed34KBDOC File
    PD-23 DWO_Passed34KBDOC File
    PD-23A Qualified Permanent Cutterman34KBDOC File
    PD-23B Failed to Maintain Cutterman Qualification35KBDOC File
    PD-23C Qualified Temporary Cutterman35KBDOC File
    PD-24 OOD_Inport35KBDOC File
    PD-24 OOD_Underway35KBDOC File
    PD-25 EOIT Certified34KBDOC File
    PD-26 Completed PQS or qualified certified as (specify watchstation)34KBDOC File
    PD-27 Restraining Order_Military Protective Order34KBDOC File
    PD-28 Conviction for Domestic Violence35KBDOC File
    PD-29 Return to Flight Status Abastain from Alcohol34KBDOC File
    PD-30A Qualified Temporary Marine Safety Insignia35KBDOC File
    PD-30B Qualified Permanent Marine Safety Insignia34KBDOC File
    PD-31 Administrative LOD determination38KBDOC File
    RIB-01 Notice of Eligibility73KBPDF File
    RIB-02 Medical Hold Orders74KBPDF File
    RIB-03 Active Duty for Health Care Orders74KBPDF File
    RPM-01 Counseled for failure to report for scheduled IDT36KBDOC File
    RPM-02 Counseled for failure to report for scheduled ADT35KBDOC File
    RPM-03 Counseled for failure to notify change in address36KBDOC File
    RPM-04 Counseled for failure to complete the Annual Screening Questionnaire36KBDOC File
    RPM-05 Counseled for failure to complete annual dental or medical exam35KBDOC File
    SEP-01 Agree to withholding of final pay on sep date34KBDOC File
    SEP-02 Rights upon separation34KBDOC File
    SEP-03 Types of discharge certificates33KBDOC File
    SEP-06 Counseled regarding the loss of entitlement to file for U.S citizenship33KBDOC File
    SEP-07A Reenlistment Interview_Member Eligible and Recommended36KBDOC File
    SEP-07B Reenlistment Interview_Member Not Eligible but Recommended36KBDOC File
    SEP-07C Reenlistment Interview_Member Eligible but Not Recommended38KBDOC File
    SEP-07D Reenlistment Interview_Member Not Eligible and Not Recommended36KBDOC File
    SEP-08 Discharged from active duty without immediate reenlistment34KBDOC File
    SEP-09 Discharge - Immediate Reenlistment35KBDOC File
    SEP-10 Released from active duty and transferred to the reserve to complete MSO35KBDOC File
    SEP-11 Retired from active duty34KBDOC File
    SEP-12 Must Reenlist within 3 months of sep33KBDOC File
    SEP-13 Waiver of med treatment desire to sep on EAOS33KBDOC File
    SEP-14 Desire to be discharged without further hearing and without disability34KBDOC File
    SEP-15 Discharge from USCGR inactive duty and immediate reenlistment.35KBDOC File
    SEP-16 Discharge from USCGR inactive duty without immediate reenlistment34KBDOC File
    SEP-17 Counseled upon assignment to the IRR33KBDOC File
    SEP-18 Retire in lieu of discharge due to High Year Tenure35KBDOC File
    SEP-19 High Year Tenure E3 and E4 Professional Growth Point Counseling35KBDOC File
    SEP-20 High Year Tenure E2 Professional Growth Point Counseling36KBDOC File
    SEP-21 Acknowledgement of Separation Pay and Recoupment from Retired Pay35KBDOC File
    SEP-22 SELRES Obligated Service for the Post 9 11 G I Bill40KBDOC File
    SEP-22125KBPDF File
    SEP-24 Montgomery GI Bill Pre-Separation Counseling34KBDOC File
    SEP-25 Extension of EAD Order due to Medical condition34KBDOC File
    SEP-26 Retention Beyond Expiration of Enlistment for PDES38KBDOC File
    SRB-01 Counseled on SRB member near EAOS40KBDOC File
    SRB-02 Counseled on SRB member near 6 or 10 year AD anniversary38KBDOC File
    SRB-03 Counseled on SRB member entering into an extension34KBDOC File
    SRB-04 Counseled on SRB payments for new rating34KBDOC File
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