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Housing Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How do I get my name put on the housing waiting list?

Answer: Personnel eligible for assignment to TRACEN Petaluma housing shall apply using an Application for Assignment to Military Housing, DD-1746. A copy of the PCS orders, a signed BAH Dependency/Emergency Data, and a Pet Registration Form (if applicable) must be attached.

Question: How does the housing waiting list work?

Answer: Separate waiting lists will be maintained for senior personnel (E-9 and above) and enlisted personnel for each bedroom type. Applications will be placed on the appropriate waiting list according to their control date. The control date is the date of receipt of the application, or if received more than 35 days prior to the applicant's estimated date of arrival, the control date is 35 days prior to the estimated date of arrival.

Question: What are the houses like?

Answer: There are 127 units aboard the Training Center. We have a variety of duplex, 4-plex and 8-plex units with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. Be aware that some housing units have a narrow stairway with multiple turns to access the second floor. Due to this configuration large furniture items such as one piece King Size Box Springs will not fit. Members experiencing this problem have gone to a two piece King Size Box Spring. You will not be permitted to alter the house or remove windows in order to fit your furniture in the house. Certain units may have access issues with front loading washer/dryers. Please notify the housing office well in advance if you own front loading washer/dryer.

Question: Is assignment to government housing in Petaluma mandatory?

Answer: No, assignment is not mandatory but strongly encouraged. Prior to procuring a residence on the economy, all incoming personnel need to obtain a Request for Release from Government Housing (NORCALHSG_045).

Question: If I haven't been granted a release, but housing won't be available when I arrive, what do I do?

Answer: There are several options. You may want to:

(1) Make arrangements with Guest Lodging here at TRACEN (707) 765-7248 for a short duration stay, or Novato Temporary Quarters, (415) 506-3130, for a longer duration stay. Please be advised that Novato Temporary Quarters has limited units accepting pets.

(2) Have your family remain where they presently are located or with family and report in as a geographical bachelor until quarters are available, or

(3) Seek help from your sponsor in locating a temporary (month by month) residence or motel.

Question: What is the pet policy for government owned housing?

Answer: Residents are responsible for control of their pets. Residents are limited to two pets per household. Fish, birds, and other similar caged animals are exempt from the two pets per household.

Question: If I'm single do I have to live in the barracks?

Answer: If you are a single member reporting to TRACEN permanent staff you will be granted Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) without dependents to obtain quarters on the economy after you obtain a release from housing. TRACEN Petaluma does not have any Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) or barracks for permanent party members.

Question: I know I'm only qualified for a two bedroom, but I'm moving from a bigger place, can I get a 3 bedroom unit?

Answer: You are placed on the housing waiting list according to bedroom size qualification and the ages of children. If there is a larger bedroom size unit available and there isn't anyone on that bedroom list, then the member on the next lower bedroom list is assigned.

Question: Where am I on the waiting list?

Answer: The Housing Waiting List can be found on the TRACEN Petaluma Intranet page. Your location on the list is dependent on your estimated date of arrival and the date your application is received. Check the waiting list often, as it is updated weekly as new applications are received and arrival dates change.

Question: What amenities does the owned housing have?

  • Washer and Dryer Hookups
  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Small Storage Sheds
  • Built in microwaves

Question: Who sends my welcome aboard package?

Answer: Work Life Alameda provides relocation packages. If you do not receive a Welcome Aboard Package, please contact them at (800) 872-4957 x252.

Question: Does Training Center Petaluma have Leased housing?

Answer: No, the Training Center does not have a Gov't Lease Program at present.

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