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Coast Guard Training System SOP, Volume 5: Templates

Instructors Guide (Zipped)

WS-B 1 POAM Template
WS-B 2 A-Project Schedule Template
WS-B 2 B-Project Schedule Template
WS-B 3 Meeting Template

WS-F 1 A Task Analysis Data Collection Plan
WS-F2 - Target Audience Profile Worksheet
WS-F3 A – Course P&C General Worksheet
WS-F3 B – Course P&C Delivery Worksheet
WS-F3 C – Course P&C Design & Develp Worksheet
WS-F3 D – Course P&C Test & Eval Worksheet

WS-J1 Terminal Performance Objective Worksheet
WS-J2 - Evaluation Criteria Selection Worksheet
WS-J3 A - Design - Course Blueprint Worksheet
WS-J3 B - Design Unit Blueprint Worksheet
WS-J3 C  - Design Lesson Blueprint Worksheet

WS-N1 - Performance Test Checklist Worksheet
WS-N2 - Development - Practice Exercises Worksheet
WS-N3 - Development - Content Worksheet
WS-N4 - Course Material Review Worksheet

WS-R1 - Pilot Course Implementation Form

WS-V1 A – CAP Checklist TPOs Worksheet
WS-V1 B – CAP Checklist PTs Worksheet
WS-V1 C – CAP Checklist Job Aids Worksheet
WS-V1 D – CAP Checklist IGs Worksheet
WS-V1 E – CAP Checklist Student Materials (Guides) Worksheet
WS-V1 F – CAP Instructional Media Worksheet
WS-V2 Classroom Observation Checklist

WS-Y 1 Curriculum Change Request Form

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Last Modified 1/12/2016