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Reporting To TRACEN Petaluma

INDOC Program

Upon arrival to TRACEN Petaluma your participation in the Petty Officer Indoctrination Program will be mandatory. During this phase of your training your off-base liberty must be earned and will be granted on/or about day 10.

The Petty Officer Indoctrination Program prepares students to be successful in "A" School and clearly defines your expected behavior while in training at TRACEN Petaluma. It is the first step toward becoming a Petty Officer in the Coast Guard.

Your indoctrination schedule will include events and classes during the day, evenings and weekends. Classes include (but are not limited to) apprentice leadership program (ALP), TRACEN Petaluma resources and activities, substance abuse free environment (SAFE) training, LAMS, IDP/finance lecture, inspections and a fitness assessment.

Last Modified 1/12/2016