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Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard
Food Service Specialist School

The Food Service Specialist rating is comprised of a diverse multi-cultural workforce that reflects the best of our great nation.


WE are team players. By working together, we promote unit morale and enhance unit effectiveness.

WE demonstrate culinary arts excellence through professional development, talent, personal creativity and resourcefulness.

WE ensure the existing and replacement workforce is prepared for current and future mission requirements.

WE deliver superlative service on every platform, in any environment, at any time, through sacrifice and strong adherence to Coast Guard Core Values.

WE are dedicated and devoted to support through customer service.

WE are mission enablers, committed to mission execution through mission readiness.

WE thrive in our unique role within the United States Coast Guard.

WE are the preeminent food service professionals of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

WE are United States Coast Guard Food Service Specialists.

Career Options

  • Culinarian
  • Sous Chef
  • Personal Chef
  • Pastry Chef
  • Chef de Cuisine
  • Executive Chef
  • Culinary Instructor
  • Food Service Manager

Employment Opportunities

The Food Service rating and the United States Coast Guard offer its members many different geographic locations and job opportunities during their career. Below are just a few of the many exiting geographic locations and platforms you could be stationed at.



San Francisco
Los Angeles




Key West

New York

New York City







Unit types

Large Afloat

National Security Cutter, 378,270, 210 ft cutters, Polar Ice Breaker

Patrol Boats

110 & 87 foot Cutters

Ashore Units

Sectors, Small Boat Stations

Special Assignments

Culinary Instructor, Special Command Aid, White House Chef, Department of Homeland Security Chef
Last Modified 1/12/2016