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FS "A" School Course Description

Overview of the Food Services Rate (Coast Guard Recruiting)

Course Overview


Phase 1 takes place in the Upper Galley. Here the students begin to learn safety and sanitation, food science and classical cuts. After studying the basic principles of cooking, the students have their first real hands on training where they begin to prepare stocks, sauces, vegetables, potatoes, grains, legumes, pasta, meats, poultry and seafood.


Phase 2 convenes in the Lower Galley where the students work into the early hours of the morning to learn the preparation techniques of soups, salads and sandwiches; and begin a journey into the depths of bake shop where they learn the basics of preparing cakes, pies, cookies, and various breads.


For Phase 3, students report to Haley Hall Dining Facility for their final phase of training to put all of their newly acquired cooking skills to the test. The class started on the job training during the daytime hours, where under the guidance of the instructors, they prepared over 600 meals served daily at Training Center Petaluma to prepare them for cooking in the Coast Guard fleet.



The Graduation ceremony is performed on the last day of school. This is usually on a Friday. After all the hard work and determination you will receive your certificates in front of invited guests, speakers, and fellow FS instructors. This is where it begins for you as a Food Service Specialist. Congratulations on your graduation and good luck! To the left are some pictures to give you a better idea of the graduation process

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