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Security Levels

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Prevention Policy Directorate (CG-54)

Phone Directory

Routing Symbol Position Title Telephone Number
CG-54Director of Prevention Policy Directorate202-372-1009
CG-54DDeputy Director of Prevention Policy Directorate202-372-1009
CG-54-TI Traveling Inspector Staff 202-372-1190
CG-541Office of International and Domestic Port Assessment 202-372-1018
CG-5411International Port Security Evaluation Division 202-372-1081
CG-5412 Domestic Port Security Evaluation Division 202-372-1097
CG-542Office of Auxiliary & Boating Safety 202-372-1260
NACONational Commodore CG Auxiliary 202-372-1263
CG-5421Coast Guard Auxiliary Division 202-372-1268
CG-54211Administration Branch 202-372-1267
CG-54212Operations Branch 202-372-1265
CG-5422Boating Safety Division 202-372-1051
CG-54221Program Management Branch 202-372-1054
CG-54222 Program Operations Branch 202-372-1070
CG-54223Recreational Boating Product Assurance Branch 202-372-1076
CG-54224 Grants Management Branch 202-372-1057
CG-543Office of Vessel Activities 202-372-1210
CG-5431Domestic Vessels Division 202-372-1224
CG-5432Foreign & Offshore Vessels Division 202-372-1230
CG-5433Fishing Vessels Division 202-372-1249
CG-5434 Mariner Credentialing Program Policy Division 202-372-1206
CG-544Office of Port & Facility Activities 202-372-1080
CG-5441Domestic Ports Division 202-372-1107
CG-5442Cargo & Facilities Division 202-372-1171
CG-545 Office of Investigations & Casualty Analysis 202-372-1030
CG-5451Investigations Division 202-372-1031
CG-5452Compliance Analysis Division 202-372-1223
CG-5453 Data Administration & FOIA Division 202-372-1289

Last Modified 1/12/2016