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Congratulations on your assignment to Maritime Safety and Security Team San Diego (91109). You are joining a dedicated team of Maritime Homeland Security professionals.

On your first day, report at 0900. If you arrive after 0900, contact the CDO at (619) 517-4310. The uniform for reporting is tropical blue.

Your assigned sponsor will be assigned to you via CGMS msg. Your sponsor's responsibility is to make your transfer and transition smooth. You should contact your sponsor and touch base with them as soon as possible. Be sure to let your sponsor know if your report date changes or you encounter difficulties druing your PCS.

After reporting aboard, MCRD offers a day-long welcome course for newly assigned members, highlighting important services to help you and your family adjust to life in the San Diego area. Housing support is provided by the Local Housing Authority (LHA) at Sector San Diego. The LHA, Brenda Godbolt, can be reached at (619) 278-7218.

Your medical record must be mailed to the unit. Your unit PDR, Qualification letters, CG-3029's, and training record should be hand carried to MSST San Diego.

Verify your security clearance is up to date in Direct Access, Home> Self Service> Employee> View> Member Information. If you need to have a Security Clearance form initiated in Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (e-QIP) please contact your unit's Command Security Officer (CSO) for assistance. Utilize the website link below to submit a copy of your questionnaire. Contact MSST San Diego CSO, OSC Constance McCallister prior to arrival if this requirement cannot be met.


Physical fitness: Unit missions require a higher level of physical fitness - take the time needed to prepare for this before reporting aboard. The fitness standards that apply to DSF Tier one member have been discontinued at this time, but members are still expected to perform to the highest levels of personal physical fitness. As a baseline, member should strive to meet the following standards before reporting:

You are highly encouraged to meet or exceed these standards upon reporting aboard. A PT test will be administered shortly after reporting.

It is likely you will deploy frequently while assigned to MSST San Diego. A government credit card is required. If you do not already have one, you will apply for one upon reporting.

As you will soon discover, San Diego is highly renowned for its warm climate, and is a great place to operate and live. With a large military presence, it also provides excellent opportunities and discounts for Active Duty personnel. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

Unit Contact Information

Office Hours: 0855-1500 Monday - Friday
Command Duty Officer (CDO): (619) 517-4310


Last Modified 1/4/2016