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CG Court of Criminal Appeals Opinions
Calendar Year 2013

20130109 U S v Johnston (merits)30KBPDF File
20130123 U S v Leland (unpublished)130KBPDF File
20130412 U S v Shannon 72 M.J. 569140KBPDF File
20130604 U S v Peters (unpublished)150KBPDF File
20130716 U S v Caulfield 72 M.J. 690127KBPDF File
20130827 U S v Hughey 72 M.J. 80967KBPDF File
20130906 U S v Tevelein (unpublished)43KBPDF File
20130909 U S v Yoder41KBPDF File
20130911 U S v Henry (unpublished)33KBPDF File
20131016 U S v Bisel (unpublished)40KBPDF File
20131022 U S v LEAHR (unpublished)45KBPDF File
20131209 U S v RUSSELL (unpublished)179KBPDF File
Thumbs256KBData Base File



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