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Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual (PPPM), PPCINST M1000.2A

Travel Regulations Notices

 045/12 Impact to A/C School Orders Cost Adjustments

IAW ALCOAST 260/12 for C-Schools, if travel settlement exceeds amount obligated, requests for adjustment should be sent to FORCECOM at the below e-mail address before final Submit members travel orders and T-PAX travel voucher summary (TVS)


 FOR ACTION.  Members will be contacted once action has been completed.



All AOs are reminded to council unit personnel in receipt of "C" school orders to ensure that members are aware of their TDY travel entitlements.  This should include a thorough review of the order notes.  If the AO or the member identify a discrepancy between the order notes and entitlements or have any questions regarding the "C" school orders, please contact the respective TQC scheduler immediately.

Amendments to Orders

In accordance with the Personnel and Pay Procedures Manual (PPPM), PPCINST M1000.2 (series) Amendments to Orders,

Orders can be amended after-the-fact to document verbal authority given during the TDY and PCS travel period when unforeseen circumstances emerge that require the traveler to incur costs not originally anticipated. The Order Issuing Official who directed and funded the travel makes amendments to the Orders. The amendment should identify:

• Traveler


• Entitlement specified

• Reason for change

• Authorized Official Signature (Original signature in blue ink, not stamped or color copies)

Amendments are done on memo, letterhead, e-mail, or handwritten note and attached to the original TDY order. Amendments require the AO's name and EMPLID printed/typed with their original handwritten signature in blue ink.


For more information in regards to "C" School amendments see 2.B.12 in the PPPM manual.


Unit amendment Template

Example of an amendment for change of Training Location






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