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Security Levels

Library and non-library units Education Services Officer
What's the difference?
  • Library units keep a stock of tests that can be administered to any member.
    Tests are kept at the unit in a secure safe.
  • Non-library units order individual tests, one at a time, for specific members.
    Tests can only be administered to the specific member. Once administered, the test and answer sheets must be returned to CG Institute.
Pros and cons
Library Unit Non-library Unit
Order all three editions of test at once. Order one test at a time when specific member requests it.
Always have tests on hand when members request them. No permanent stock of tests, keep only tests members request.
Ordered tests arrive in 2 day - sent FedEx. Ordered tests arrive in 2 day - sent FedEx.
Enter test results online - no need to mail answer sheets. Enter test results on paper answer sheets - mail back to Institute.
Required to do monthly inventory of tests using TACCTS. Required to do monthly inventory of tests on hand.
How to become a library unit
  • Send a TACCTS ticket, selecting "Request to become a library unit" as the description.
  • CG Institute will send back a simple survey on unit information and tests required.
  • Complete the survey and return it by attaching it to the original TACCTS ticket.
  • You library will be sent via FedEx. You will receive the tracking number via TACCTS.
  • Once the library is received, verify it against the inventory in TACCTS.
  • Reopen original TACCTS ticket and respond, confirming you received all the tests.
  • For additional information go to ESO Guide Volume I: Training, page 15.
Last Modified 1/12/2016