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Library and non-library units Education Services Officer
What's the difference?
  • Library units keep a stock of tests that can be administered to any member.
    Tests are kept at the unit in a secure safe.
  • Non-library units order individual tests, one at a time, for specific members.
    Tests can only be administered to the specific member. Once administered, the test and answer sheets must be returned to CGI.
Pros and cons
Library Unit Non-library Unit
Order all three editions of test at once. Order one test at a time when specific member requests it.
Always have tests on hand when members request them. No permanent stock of tests, keep only tests members request.
Ordered tests arrive in 2 day - sent FedEx. Ordered tests arrive in 2 day - sent FedEx.
Enter test results online - no need to mail answer sheets. Enter test results on paper answer sheets - mail back to Institute.
Required to do monthly inventory of tests using TACCTS. Required to do monthly inventory of tests on hand.
How to become a library unit
  • Send a TACCTS ticket, selecting "Request to become a library unit" as the description.
  • CGI will send back a simple survey on unit information and tests required.
  • Complete the survey and return it by attaching it to the original TACCTS ticket.
  • You library will be sent via FedEx. You will receive the tracking number via TACCTS.
  • Once the library is received, verify it against the inventory in TACCTS.
  • Reopen original TACCTS ticket and respond, confirming you received all the tests.
  • For additional information go to ESO Guide Volume I: Training, page 15.
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