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A photo of the LV 42

"GREAT ROUND SHOAL LIGHT-VESSEL, NO. 42, MASS."  Scanned from the 1901 Light List, Plate VIII.  Photo by N. L. Stebbins, 1895.

Office of the Lighthouse Board. List of Lights and Fog Signals on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States. Corrected to June 30, 1901. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1901.


BUILT AT: Brooklyn (NY)

BUILDER: J.D. Leary (Approp. 1876 Jul 31, "lightship with steam fog signal for an outside station")




DESIGN: Wood- white oak & locust; copper & galv. iron fastened; 2 masts with daymarks on both; small stack ahead of mainmast; 2 aux. steam boilers & steam pump

LENGTH: 1217" (loa); BEAM: 26'6"; DRAFT: l0'6"; TONNAGE: 410 gross

PROPULSION: Sail- schooner rig; fore and main carried on spencer masts

ILLUMINATING APPARATUS: 2 lanterns, each with 8 oil lamps

FOG SIGNAL: "Siren operated by hot-air engine"; hand operated bell


Underwent extensive repairs 1887 Sep 18-Apr 4 1888; 1891 May 19-Jun 31:
1898: Nov 23-Jan 3 1899; 1900 Aug 28-Oct 1
Other repairs and refits 1886 Dec-Mar 1887; 1895 Oct 1-Nov 2 and May 3„Jun 1;
1901: Sep 2-Oct 7; 1904 Nov 6-29
1877: Reported "largest & strongest lightship in possession of the government"
1878: Hot-air driven fog signal reported "wholly unsuitable'
1880: Mushroom replaced with 3 "ordinary" anchors placed N, B, & SW of position
1882: 12" whistle and steam fog signal machinery replaced hot air system
1895: Hornsby-Ackroyd oil engine and compressor replaced steam fog signal
1910: Equipped with submarine bell signal; fog signal changed to 10" air whistle
1919: Equipped with radio; discontinued 1923
1926: Masts removed & replaced with steel lattice light structure amidships; equipped with acetylene lens lantern; light changed from fixed to flashing.


1877-1892: Pollock Rip (MA)
1892-1913: Great Round Shoal (MA)
1913-1932: Hen and Chickens (MA)
(1883 Position moved 3/4 mi NW )
(1886 "If Northeast Slue Channel continues to change. ..may be necessary to put the ship on range with Sankaty Head Light and abandon the Slue Channel ")


1877: Dec 1, placed on Pollock Rip (MA)
1880: Dec 26, parted chain and adrift
1881: In collision once during year; colliding vessel sank near station
1882: Broke adrift once during year
1884: In collision twice during the year
1885: In collision twice during the year
1886: Dec 26, broke adrift in gale; taken to New Bedford for repair; returned to station Mar 1887
1887: Apr 2, broke adrift in gale and blown 60 miles to sea, returned to station under sail Apr 15
1887: In collision twice during the year
1888: Nov 26, broke adrift; returned to station by chartered tug Dec 29
1889: In collision Mar 28 and Mar 31
1891: Oct 4, broke adrift; picked up by AZALEA and towed to Hyannis Oct 15; repositioned on station Oct 16
1892: Mar 1, parted chain; anchored SW of Great Point; replaced on station Mar 6
1892: Fog signal operated 1146 hours during year, consuming 59 tons of coal

More notes: LV 42
1892: Nov 1, placed on Great Round Shoal; with LV 47 being simultaneously transferred to Pollock Rip
1893/94: Remained on station continuously during both years
1895: Jul 1, fog signal discontinued due to boiler failure, bell used until vessel brought in for repairs Oct 1
1896:Dec 16, broke adrift and assisted back to station by Azalea
1900:Jun 15, fire damage due to explosion of vaporizer lamp used to start kerosene fog signal engines
1900: Aug 28-Oct 21, relieved for extensive rearrangement of interior spaces
1901: Sep 2-Oct 7, relieved for repairs to fog signal machinery
1903: Remained on station during entire year
1904: Nov 6-29, relieved for repairs at New Bedford
1913: Placed on Hen and Chickens station


SUBSEQUENT DISPOSITION: Sold 1932; burned at Apple Island, Boston Harbor as part
of July 4 celebration in 1940


1883-1890: James Jorgensen, Asst Keeper
1891-1893: James Jorgensen, Keeper
1893-?: Joseph Allen Jr, Master
?-1914: Joshua Richardson, Master
?-1914: John J Gary, Mate
1914-1919: John J Cary, Master
1914-1918: E F Kelley, Mate
1918: Daniel H Nickerson, Mate
1918-1919: William R Chase, Mate
1919-1921: Arthur F Wade, Mate
1919-1922: Josiah P Hatch, Master
1921-1927: John Kinney, Mate
1927: Edgar F Eldrege Mate
1927-1931: Frank P Bellevue, Mate

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