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Sundew, 1924

ex-Captain Edwin C. Long

Any of several insectivorous plants of the genus Drosera, growing in wet ground and having leaves covered with sticky hairs.  Also called drosera.

Tender History:

The Sundew was the former 101-foot, 710-ton, steam-powered Army mineplanter Captain Edwin C. Long that first entered service in 1919.  She was transferred to the Lighthouse Service in January, 1922, and was renamed Sundew.  She served in the 7th Lighthouse District and was based at Key West, Florida until 1930 when she was transferred to the 10th Lighthouse District where she saw service on Lake Ontario.

She was decommissioned in 1939 and was sold in 1941.


Douglas Peterson.  United States Lighthouse Service Tenders, 1840-1939. Annapolis: Eastwind Publishing, 2000.

Last Modified 1/12/2016