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USS Savage (DE-386)


Edsall Class Destroyer Escort

Displacement: 1,253 tons standard; 1,102 tons full load

Length: 306 oa

Beam: 367 

Draft: 10' 5' full load

Machinery: 2-shaft Fairbanks Morse diesels, 6,000 bhp

Range:  10,800 nm at 12 knots

Top Speed: 21 knots

Complement: 186 

Armament: 3 x 3/50; 2 x 40mm; 8 x 20mm; 3 x  21" torpedo tubes; 2 depth charge tracks; 8 "K-gun" depth charge projectors; 1 hedge hog depth charge projector.


The USS Savage was named for ENS Walter Samuel Savage, Jr., USNR, who was killed while serving on board the USS Arizona during the 7 December 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  The Savage (DE-386) was laid down on 30 April 1943 by Brown Shipbuilding Company of Houston, Texas.  She was launched on 15 July 1943 and was sponsored by Mrs. Walter S. Savage, Sr.  The Savage was commissioned on 29 October 1943 and placed under the command of LCDR Oscar C. Rohnke, USCG.

She was fitted out at Galveston and underwent shakedown off Bermuda and then sailed to Charleston Navy Yard.  The Savage then sailed to Norfolk and departed on 6 January 1944 as part of Escort Division 23, bound for Casablanca.  She spent the remainder of 1944 and part of 1945, escorting convoys from the east coast of the United States to African, Mediterranean, and European ports.  On 1 April 1944, off Algiers, the Luftwaffe attacked the convoy UGS-36, which Savage was escorting to Bizerte.  Her only casualty during the action was a member of the depth charge crew who was struck in the ankle by shell fragments.

Following availability at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Savage sailed on 30 May 1945 for training exercises at Culebra.  After transiting the Panama Canal on 18 June, she proceeded, via San Francisco, to the Aleutians and arrived at Adak on 8 July.  The Savage escorted two convoys from Cold Harbor, Alaska, to Russian waters where the American escort ships were dismissed.  One convoy departed Cold Harbor on 23 July and the other on 25 August.  During the interim, Savage escorted oilers to refuel Task Force 92 which had been bombarding shore installations in the Kuril Islands.  On 27 September, Savage departed Attu for Petropavlovsk, USSR, and arrived there the morning of 2 October 1945.  She delivered supplies and mail to USS Harry L. Corl (APD-108) and departed that evening for Attu.

At the end of hostilities with Japan, Savage was assigned liaison duty in the Far East.  She shuttled between Okinawa, Tsingtao, and Shanghai from December 1945 until February 1946 when she sailed for Pearl Harbor.  Her ultimate destination was Green Cove Springs, Florida, where she arrived in April, where she would join the "mothball" fleet.  Her Coast Guard crew was removed and the destroyer escort decommissioned on 13 June 1945.


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Last Modified 1/12/2016