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Salvia, 1944

WAGL-400; WLB-400

Call Sign: NODS

Nicknames: "Black Ghost of the Gulf Coast"; "Saliva"

Salvia is a genus of plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae.

Builder: Zenith Dredge Corporation, Duluth, MN

Builder's Number: bn CG-169

Cost:  $923,995

Length:  180' oa

Beam: 37' mb

Draft:  12' max (1945); 14' 7" (1966)

Displacement: 935 fl (1945); 1,026 fl (1966); 700 light (1966)

Keel Laid: 24 June 1943

Launched: 19 September 1943

Commissioned: 19 February 1944

Decommissioned: 4 October 1991

Status: Salvage operations training vessel for US Navy at Little Creek  (VA) Naval Station.

Propulsion:  1 electric motor connected to 2 Westinghouse generators driven by 2 Cooper-Bessemer-type GND-8, 4-cycle diesels; single screw

Top speed: 13.0 kts sustained (1945); 11.9 kts sustained (1966) 

Economic speed: 8.3 kts (1945); 8.5 kts (1966)

Complement: 6 Officers, 74 men (1945); 4 officers, 2 warrants, 47 men (1966)

    Radar: SL1 (1945)
    Sonar: QCU (1945)

Armament: 1-3"/50 (single), 2-20mm/80 (single), 2 depth charge tracks, 2 Mousetraps, 4 Y-guns (1945); None (1966)

Cutter History:

World War II

During March and April 1944 USCGC Salvia was used on the Great Lakes for general ATON duty and icebreaking. From May 1944 until the end of the war,  Salvia was assigned to the 5th Coast Guard District, stationed at Portsmouth, VA, and used for general ATON duty.


From 1 November 1945 until its decommissioning, USCGC Salvia was homeported at Mobile, AL and used for general ATON duty. From 20-23 April 1951 Salvia assisted following the collision between the tankers Esso Suez and Esso Greensboro. From 27-30 April 1951 Salvia was disabled in Calasieu Pass and was towed to Mobile by USCGC Tampa. From 59 April 1953 Salvia searched for the wreck of National Flight 47 off Mobile Point. From 30 October-2 November 1958 Salvia assisted USS Instill and from 17-18 November 1959 the cutter searched for National Flight 967. On  9 February 1964 Salvia collided with the dredge Duplex in Mobile Channel. In late August 1965 Salvia provided men and equipment to fight a fire on the Liberian MV Arctic Reefer off Choctaw' Point, Mobile, AL. From 7-8 December 1968 Salvia searched for survivors from the lost USCGC White Alder.

Photo of USCGC Salvia under construction on 17 August 1943

USCGC Salvia under construction on 17 August 1943

Photo of USCGC Salvia launching party on 15 September 1943

USCGC Salvia Launching Party- 15 September 1943

Photo of USCGC Salvia's launching on 15 September 1943

USCGC Salvia Launching- 15 September 1943

Photo of USCGC Salvia in 1948

USCGC Salvia- 1948

Photo of USCGC Salvia- no date

USCGC Salvia- no date

Photo of USCGC Salvia crew

Crew of USCGC Salvia- 1986.


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