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Blueberry, 1942


Any of numerous plants of the genus Vaccinium, having white to reddish, urn-shaped or tubular flowers and edible blue to blue-black berries.

Builder: Birchfield Boiler Company, Tacoma, Washington

Length: 65'

Beam: 14' 5"

Draft: 4'

Displacement: 68 tons

Cost: N/A

Commissioned: 1942

Decommissioned: 1976

Disposition: Sold

Machinery: 2 x General Motors diesel engines; 330 BHP; twin propellers

Performance & Endurance:

        Max: 12 knots
       Cruising: 10 knots; 1,000 mile range

Deck Gear: 

Complement: 5

Armament: None

Electronics: None

Tender History:

The United States inland buoy tender Blueberry began life in 1942 as simply the WLI-65302 and was named Blueberry in 1964.  She was built by the Birchfield Boiler Company, Tacoma, Washington.

She was stationed for her Coast Guard career in the Pacific Northwest and was used to tend aids to navigation.  She was decommissioned in 1976.

She is currently (2004) owned by the Fremont Tugboat Company. 


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