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Security Levels

Black Duck, 1930


Built: Unknown

Cost:  Unknown

Machinery: Unknown

Top Speed: Unknown

Length: 45'

Beam: 10' 9"  

Draft: 2'

Displacement: Unknown

Launched: Unknown

Acquired : Seized

Commissioned: 27 March1930

Disposition: Unknown

Complement: Unknown

Armament: Unknown

Cutter History:

One of the faster and more notorious rumrunners, Black Duck was captured by CG-290 after machine-gun fire had killed three of her crew. She was taken into the Coast Guard 27 March1930 and stationed at New London, CT.


Donald Canney. U.S. Coast Guard and Revenue Cutters, 1790-1935.  Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1995.

Last Modified 1/12/2016