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Bibliography of U.S. Coast Guard History 

Main Index

Books, Articles, Papers, Theses and Dissertations on All Aspects of Coast Guard History


The following is a bibliography of published and unpublished scholarship and writings that cover the history the Coast Guard.  The Historian's Office would like to acknowledge the pioneering work of a previous Coast Guard historian, Truman Strobridge, who compiled the first complete Coast Guard bibliography.  We also wish to thank two preeminent historians of Coast Guard history for their assistance in compiling and updating this version of the bibliography: Dr. Dennis Noble, USCG (Ret.) and William R. Wells, II, USCG (Ret.).  We welcome any comments or suggestions regarding the bibliography and its content and organization.  If you know of any appropriate works that do not appear in the bibliography, please let us know.


Table of Contents

(click on specific section of the general bibliography you are interested in):

1)  Other Bibliographies on Coast Guard & Naval History

2)  Books in Print on Coast Guard History

3)  History, Administration & Organization of the:

A)  U.S. Coast Guard (and any combined service studies)

B)  U.S. Revenue Marine / Cutter Service

C)  U.S. Coast Guard Reserve / Women's Reserve

D) U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

E) U.S. Life-Saving Service

F) U.S. Lighthouse Board, Lighthouse Establishment & Lighthouse Service

G) Steamboat Inspection Service / Bureau of Navigation

H)  Public Health Service & Misc

4)  Personnel:

A)  Biographies

B) Women

C) Minorities (including African-American Coast Guard History)

D)  Recruiting, Education and Training

E)  USRCS & USCG Academy History

F)  Uniforms, Medals, Awards & Accouterments

G)  General Personnel, Sports & Other Misc.

5)  National Security (Defense Issues, the Wars & Campaigns the Service participated in, etc.)

6)  Search & Rescue

          A) U.S. Life-Saving Service

          B) Rescues to 1915

          C) Rescues Since 1915 to the Present

          D) Search and Rescue Equipment (Lyle Guns, breeches buoys, etc.)

7)  Law Enforcement

          A) General Law Enforcement Topics

          B) Immigration & Migrant Interdiction

          C) Narcotics Interdiction

          D) Prohibition: "The Rum War"

          E) Fisheries Enforcement

8)  Marine Safety & Environmental Protection

          A) Maritime Safety & Port Operations

           B) Environmental & Natural Resource Protection

          C) Shipwrecks

          D) Boating Safety

          E) Merchant Marine Personnel Licensing & Documentation

9) Lighthouses & Aids to Navigation

          A) U. S. Lighthouse Board, Establishment & Service

          B) General ATON Subjects, including Buoys, Foghorns & Combined Topics 

          C) Lighthouses, Lenses & Illuminates

          D) Lighthouse Keepers

          E) Lightships

          F ) LORAN & Other Electronic Aids to Navigation

10) Aviation

11) Cutters & Craft

          A) Cutters & Vessels

          B) Buoy Tenders

          C) Icebreakers

          D) Lightships

          E) USRC, USCGC & USS Bear

          F) USCGB Eagle

          G) Lifeboats & Other Small Craft

12)  Polar, Alaskan & Other Ice Operations, Expeditions, & the International Ice Patrol 

13) Equipment Utilized by the Coast Guard & Its Predecessor Agencies

14)  Bases, Facilities & Stations

15)  Traditions, Flags, Seals & Emblems

16) "Current Events", including Policy Issues, Budgets, Deepwater, & Publications by the Various Commandants

17)  Science & Technology Developed or Utilized by the Coast Guard

    A)  Science (Oceanography, Weather Patrols, Ocean Stations, etc.)

    B)  Technology


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