Date of Action: 11 May 1945

USCG Units Involved: USS Durant and Vance

Sinking/Capture/Assist? Surrender

Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Credit by U.S. Navy? Yes

Enemy Warship's Commanding Officer: Kapitšnleutnant Friedrich Steinhoff

Enemy Casualties: None

USCG Casualties: None


On the morning of 11 May 1945, four days after Germany had surrendered, the Coast Guard-manned destroyer escorts USS Vance and USS Durant, underway off the Azores escorting their last convoy to the Mediterranean, sighted a light up ahead in the convoy.  They closed to investigate.  Durant illuminated the target, which was the surfaced submarine U-873, a Type IX D2 U-boat, which had been at sea for 50 days.  Vance, while screened by Durant, hailed the "erstwhile enemy" over her public address system, established her identity, and then ordered her to heave to.  On board were seven officers and 52 enlisted men. 

Vance placed a 21-man prize crew on board the captured U-boat and they delivered the prize at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on 16 May 1945.  

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