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U.S. Coast Guard Historic Documents



16 December 1941

From:            Officer in Charge, CG-8.
To:                Commandant, 14th Naval District.

Via:               Senior Coast Guard Officer, 14th Naval District.

Subject:         Air raid attack by Japanese, 7 December 1941.

     1.     While moored to Pier 4, Honolulu Harbor, T. H., at approximately 0800, 7 December 1941, observed explosion and gun fire at Pearl Harbor, sighting great amounts of smoke from burning oil, and on observing was convinced that it being an air attack by enemy planes.

     2.     The CG-8 having full crew of six men on board, except one man absent at home, in Honolulu, who soon returned to vessel, began making vessel ready to meet emergency; mounted machine gun, provided all small arms and ammunition available, wound up engines and ready for getting underway within a short notice.

     3.     At approximately 0900 was sent out by orders of Base Operations Officer to Sand Island, T. H.  At 0905 while contacting former Lighthouse Dock at Sand Island, picking up Depot Keeper, one bomb burst to the stern of CG-8, on mud flat across channel from Piers 31 and 32, Honolulu Harbor.  Then continuing while enroute from Sand Island to Pier 4, observed one bomb explode about fifty yards east of #6 main channel buoy, Honolulu Harbor entrance, and only a few yards southeast of gate boom control to Honolulu Harbor.

     4.     While underway, proceeding top speed to Pier 4, this vessel was attacked by machine gunfire from plane, with no hits on crew or vessel.  Bullets came within twenty feet off starboard bow.  On returning to Pier 4, received orders to proceed to Kewalo Basin, 0930; underway in Honolulu Harbor 1030 passed through small emergency gate at gate boom entrance of Honolulu Harbor.  While mooring to dock in Kewalo Basin, at approximately 1100, one bomb exploded across Ala Moana Street on north side, about two hundred yards away on vacant lot, doing no damage.  While moored in Kewalo Basin, this vessel assigned by Senior Coast Guard Officer, 14th Naval District, to permit no sampans or other craft of any kind to depart from Kewalo Basin and to seize all other crafts and hold crews for questioning on arrival, and hold crews of said crafts until the F.B.I. and Naval Intelligence arrived to take in custody.

     5.     During this air attack every member present of the crew of this vessel did his duty in a quick and eager manner and showed courage and willingness to meet any emergency that might come.  Names of crew present during attack: -

                                                          MADDOX, Boyd C.      (106-628)  B.M.1c  Officer in Charge
                                                          LENDT, Edward H.      (106-302)  M.M. 2c.
                                                          BOROSKO, A.S.        (225-005)  Cox.
                                                          MORTON, Everett L.    (225-381)  Sea. 1c.
                                                          KUNCE, Kenneth P.    (230-041)  Sea. 1c.

     6.     HATHAWAY, Robert H. (216-000) M.M. 1c., absent at home, returned as soon as possible after gaining knowledge of the air raid attack.

     .     I certify this report to be correct to the best of my ability.

Boyd C. Maddox, B.M. 1c.                                                            

Note: The CG-8 was a former rum-runner, the Mizpah, captured and taken into Government service.  It was transported to Honolulu in July of 1934 on board the Army transport Ludington.  Originally it was going to be used as Custom's boarding boat and received the hull number CG-838.  That designation changed sometime between 1940 and late-1941 to CG-8.

Thanks to Stan Melman, Archivist, Hawai'i Maritime Center, for this information.

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