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Small Boats & Craft

26 foot beach launched pulling surfboat

The U.S. Life-Saving Service and Coast Guard have relied on a number of types of small boats and craft to fulfill their core missions since the late-19th Century.  From wooden pulling surf-boats launched directly from the beach off of a wheeled cart to internal combustion engine-powered life-boats to World War II surplus amphibious landing craft, small boats and craft have and continue to be a critical asset to the Coast Guard.

Boats by Length:

32-foot Port and Waterways Boat (PWB)

35-Foot Land-Amphibious Rescue Craft (LARC)Lifeboat from Station Tiana underway

36-Foot Motor Lifeboat Type T (MLB Type T)

36-Foot Motor Lifeboat Type TR (MLB Type TR)

36-Foot Motor Lifeboat Type TRS (MLB Type TRS)

36-Foot Picket Boat

38-Foot Air Cushion Vehicle (ACV)

38-Foot Amphibian Landing Craft (DUKW)

40-Foot Utility Boat (UTB)

41-Foot Utility Boat, Large (UTB)

43-Foot Fast Coastal Interceptor (FCI)

44-Foot Motor Lifeboat (MLB)

          44-Foot MLB Handbook (COMDINST M16114.3B, 1992)

47-Foot Motor Lifeboat (MLB);

          47-Foot MLB Handbook (COMDINST M16114.25B, 2007)

52-Foot Steel-Hull Motor Lifeboat (MLB)

52-Foot Wooden Hull Motor Lifeboat (MLB)

Small Boat & Craft Plans & Blueprints

(Courtesy of CDR Tim Dring, USNR, Ret.)

Pulling/Sailing Lifeboats:

Pulling/Sailing Surfboats:

Power/Motor Surfboats:

Motor Life Boats:

Utility Craft:

Aids to Navigation Craft:

Official Small Boat Documents, Publications & Manuals

44 foot motor lifeboat underway

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