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U.S. Coast Guard Awards


Dennis R. Bauer

Awarded 11 March 1966

For extreme and heroic daring on the morning of 2 December 1965 while serving aboard the USCGC Bramble (WLB-392) when he went to the assistance of a fellow Coast Guardsman who was in danger of drowning in the cold waters adjacent to the United States Coast Guard Base, Detroit, MI.  SN Dennis R. Bauer was unloading commissary stores on the dock when he heard a crash and saw a forklift plunge into the water about 100 feet up the dock.  The forklift struck a light pole on the dock, knocking it toward the water with its power line still energized.  Bauer and other personnel of the Bramble raced to the scene, jumped down on a raft and tried to reach the man who had panicked and was in danger of drowning.  When Bauer was unable to reach the man, he dived into the frigid water and supported the nearly helpless man.  In his efforts to bring the man to safety, he grasped the light pole for support unaware that the pole's wires were still charged.  Bauer apparently received a violent shock, released his hold on the man, and sank beneath the murky waters.  Bauer displayed outstanding courage, initiative, and fortitude while sacrificing his own life to save the life of a shipmate.

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