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U.S. Coast Guard Awards

Richard E. Giese

Awarded 16 January 1969

For extreme and heroic daring on the afternoon of 29 April 1968 while on authorized liberty from the USCCC McLane (WMEC-146) when he attempted to rescue a man from drowning in the surf in the vicinity of Brazos Santiago Pass at Port lsabel, TX.  SN Giese, while watching another Coast Guardsman rescue a distressed surfer, sighted an onlooker in danger of drowning, having gone into the surf to tend assistance to the rescuer and victim, SN Giese, disregarding his own safety, immediately entered the turbulent seas and despite the treacherous currents swam over 200 yards to the distressed swimmer.  Thwarted in his effort to bring him to shore with a cross-chest carry, SN Giese attempted to pull the man to shore with an arm stroke.  Repeatedly separated by the heavy surf and undertow and after trying various other means to bring the victim to the beach, he was weakening significantly when parted completely from the man by the heavy seas.  Searching and unable to locate the victim, he headed for shore and was barely able to return to the beach without assistance.  SN Giese's outstanding courage, initiative, fortitude, and unwavering devotion to duty, while endangering his life during this attempted rescue, reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Coast Guard.

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