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U.S. Coast Guard Awards


James R. Dean

Awarded 30 January 1958

For extreme and heroic daring on the morning of 23 June 1957, when he assisted in rescuing four persons from drowning at Yaquina Bay, Newport, OR.  FN James R. Dean was a crewmember aboard the CG-52312 on patrol when information was received that a small boat was standing into danger on the north side of the north jetty.  Before the CG-52312 could reach the scene, however, the small boat capsized throwing the four occupants into the surf.  The CG-52312 was quickly taken into the heavy breakers and placed broadside to present a lee for the two men and two women in the water.  It was soon apparent that the victims could not help themselves, as none seemed able to grasp life floats and lines thrown within their reach.  Completely disregarding his own personal safety, Dean dived into the turbulent waters and swam to the aid of a woman who was floating face down, he towed her to the CG-52312 and assisted in getting her aboard where artificial respiration was administered.  Dean remained in the water and assisted in getting the other three survivors aboard.  Despite loss of rudder control caused by the vessel pounding on the bottom, the CG-52312 was skillfully maneuvered, stern first, through the breakers into deep water.  Dean's outstanding courage, initiative, fortitude and unwavering devotion to duty while endangering his life during this rescue reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Coast Guard. 

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