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U.S. Coast Guard Awards

John A. Glynn
William J. Kelley
Stanley F. Rogers
Albert Fagerholm
Edward J. Recotta
Frank J. Pfingston
Miller L. West
Charles R. Neblett

Awarded 26 April 1934

Around 8:00 PM on 22 August 1933 a terrific gale was blowing in the vicinity of Cape May, NJ. At the same time a motor fishing boat, the Francis, was seen to be in distress outside the line of breakers, about 100 yards from shore. The boat was dragging slowly shoreward. This meant certain destruction to the two occupants who would have been dashed against the rocks or pilings.

LT John A. Glynn, duty officer at USCG Base Nine at Cape May, was placed in charge of USCG Patrol Boat, CG-112 and sent to the rescue. The boat was manned by BMC William J. Kelley, BM1 Stanley F. Rogers, MOMM1 Albert Fagerholm, MOMM2 Edward J. Recotta, SN2 Frank J. Pfingston, MOMM1 Miller L. West, and Cook Charles R. Neblett, all members of the United States Coast Guard.

Despite the darkness, the huge breakers, the flood tide, the offshore gale, and the fact that the patrol boat was not built for such work, LT Glynn and his men made their way to the distressed Francis and, after several attempts, finally succeeded in getting a line to the motor boat. Then in an amazingly short time, they towed the Francis to the safety of Base Nine.

If help had not come, the Francis had no anchor that was large enough to have held her against the mountainous waves. Her motor had become disabled and it is highly improbable that she could have reached shore. The members of CG-112 were in constant jeopardy of their lives during the entire trip. Courage of a high order and the most skillful handling of the boat by every member of the crew was required to avoid shipwreck.

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