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U.S. Coast Guard Awards

Bernard C. Webber
Andrew J. Fitzgerald
Richard P. Livesey
Ervin E. Maske

Awarded 7 May 1952

On 18 February 1952, during a violent winter gale the tanker SS Pendleton broke in two in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Cape Cod, MA.  Shortly thereafter, Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat No. CG-36500 with BM1 Bernard C. Webber as officer-in-charge and EN2 (P) Andrew J. Fitzgerald, SN Richard P. Livesey and SN Ervin E. Maske as crewmembers departed the Lifeboat Station to render assistance.  The seas were extremely high and rough, with northwest winds between forty and fifty miles per hour.  Visibility was poor due to darkness and intermittent snow squalls.  After crossing the hazardous Chatham bar, the CG-36500 rounded up to the stern section of the SS Pendleton, where thirty-three survivors were waiting to be rescued.  Numerous passes were necessary to take off all the survivors. There was no light except a spotlight on the CG-36500 and, as the SS Pendleton rolled, the CG-36500 darted in and out, sometimes under the bilge keel, taking off a few men each time.  Only one man was lost during the rescue operations.  Shortly after the last man was taken aboard, and the CG-36500 had gotten underway the stern section of the SS Pendleton capsized. The CG-36500 with crew and thirty-two survivors returned safely to the Chatham Fish Pier.

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