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Operation Noble Eagle Documentation Project

Attack on America: September 11, 2001 and the U.S. Coast Guard


Operation Noble Eagle Documentation Project



The following are a series of interviews with Coast Guardsmen undertaken for the most part by PAC Peter Capelotti (Ph.D.), USCGR, as part of the Historian's Office's attempt to document the Coast Guard's response to the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks on this country and the impact those attacks had on what the service is called upon to do for the country.  

Chief Capelotti used the interviews as part of his research for his book Rogue Wave: The U.S. Coast Guard On and After 9/11, a history of the Coast Guard's response to this attack on the United States.


(Click on the individual's name to access their oral history; please note that the ranks and titles listed with their names are those held by the interviewee on 11 September 2001):

Coast Guard Headquarters

ADM James M. Loy, Commandant (G-C)

VADM Thomas Collins, Vice Commandant (G-CV)

RADM Terry M. Cross, Assistant Commandant for Operations (G-O)

RADM Patrick Stillman, Program Executive Officer for the Deepwater Project (G-D), first interview, 4 March 2002

RADM Patrick Stillman, second interview, 27 June 2002

RADM Robert D. Sirois, Director of Reserve and Training (G-WT)

CAPT Dan Deputy, Chief, Office of Cutter Forces (G-OCU)

CAPT Dana Goward, Chief, Office of Boat Forces (G-OCS) & CDR James Maes, Chief, Boat Platform Division (G-OCS-2)


RADM Jeffrey J. Hathaway, Director, Navy Command Center & Counter-Drug Division (OpNav N32)

Area Commanders

VADM Thad Allen, Commander, Atlantic Area & Fifth District

VADM Ernest R. Riutta, Commander, Pacific Area & Eleventh District 

District Commanders & Staff

RADM George Naccara, Commander, 1st District

CAPT W. Russell Webster, 1st District Chief of Operations

RADM Roy J. Casto, Commander, 8th District, (with CAPT Joel Whitehead, 8th District Chief of Staff & CAPT Richard Sullivan, 8th District Chief of Homeland Security)

CAPT Richard Sullivan, 8th District Chief of Homeland Security

RADM Earl M. Brown, Commander, 13th District

RADM Ralph D. Utley, Commander, 14th District, (with CAPT Steven A. Newell, 8th District Chief of Staff & CAPT Thomas Yearout)

RADM Thomas J. Barrett, Commander, 17th District

National Strike Force

Activities New York

Air Station Cape Cod

Captain Richard P. Yatto, Commanding Officer 

Activities Baltimore

CAPT Roger Peoples, Commander, Activities Baltimore 

Harbor Defense Command

        HDCU 201

CAPT Joann Francis Spangenberg, Commanding Officer, HDCU-201 & SCPO Bradley Batchley

Port Security Units

PSU 305

CDR Robert W. Grabb, Commanding Officer 

LCDR Lee Hanford, Executive Officer

LCDR Karl Leonard, Operations Officer

LT Leona Roszkowski, Tactical Action Officer, Boats Division Officer

USCGC Adak (WPB-1333)

LT Sean McKenzie, Commanding Officer 

Coast Guard Auxiliary

Ms. Ellen Voorhees, Materials Officer, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Staff Officer Secretary, Division Seven (assigned to CG Atlantic Strike Team and served as a watch stander.)

Mr. Tom Murray, Flotilla Staff Officer,  Coast Guard Auxiliary, Fifth Northern Division, Flotilla 711 (assigned to CG Atlantic Strike Team and served as a watch stander.)

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